Chandigarh Gets A New Emergency Number 112 (Just as 911 in US)

There are different emergency numbers in India but now onwards, Chandigarh, the city beautiful will have a single number for all sorts of emergencies just as they have 911 in the USA.

People in Chandigarh will be able to call 112 to ask help for any emergency situation. This one number will be the solution to any emergency situation be it to call police, ambulance or fire brigade. Moreover, this facility will work in the same way as the 911 facility works in the USA (United States).

Existing Emergency Numbers

As per now, everyone has to remember 3 to 4 emergency numbers of different departments in the city beautiful. From Police to Ambulance, every department has different emergency numbers.

  • For Police: Dial 100.
  • For Fire brigade: Dial 101.
  • For Hospitals and Ambulance: Dial 102.
  • Women helpline number: 1091.

But soon, all these emergency number will have a common number that is 112. Following the steps of the United States of America, 112 will become the 911 in Chandigarh. Trial run of the number has been conducted and the number is expected to be functional in the beginning of 2017.

About 112 and its Benefits

112 will act as the emergency number for the people of Chandigarh. The call will be received at the Police Control Room and further the police official will direct the call to the concerned department for immediate help. This facility will quickly response to all the problems of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Police will also run an awareness drive after the launch of the number for the convenience of ciy residents. This number 112 will also get printed on all PCR vehicles of Chandigarh Police.

It is expected that with this facility, Chandigarh will see some decrease in the rate of crime in the city beautiful. Although Chandigarh police is said to be the most disciplined police in India, but much more improvement is needed to make the city safe for the residents. 112 is one such step to make Chandigarh more safe.


Gurjit Kaur

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