Chandigarh Gets 22 Water ATM Vans & These Are Far Better Than Delhi’s Water Rehris

You might have heard the news of water ATM machines coming to Chandigarh. In a major development, the beautiful city of Chandigarh has finally got 22 water ATM vans. People would be able to access pure water with these e-water ATMs at minimal rates. If you are still new to the concept then just recall the water rehris of Delhi that serve a chilled glass of water for Rs. 2. However, the water ATM vans in Chandigarh are quite high-fi and better than what you might have thought.

A total of 22 water ATM vans have been launched in Chandigarh with a mission to serve pure water to city residents and tourists. These water ATM vans were inaugurated by UT administrator VP Singh Badnore.

These little mobile water providing vans are equipped with automatic mobile chilled water dispensing machine fixed on an e-cart. These machine would serve pure water in bio-degradable paper glasses. Each of these 22 water ATM vans in Chandigarh are equipped with GPS, a CCTV camera and a toll free number making it secure and easily accessible.

The amount of water from these Water ATMs in Chandigarh has been fixed as:

  • Rs. 2 for 250 ml glass.
  • Rs. 5 for a 1 litre bottle.

Location of Water ATM Vans in Chandigarh

Since these water ATMs are movable vans, they can travel from one place to another. However, some points have been fixed where anyone can use their services. These vans have been stationed at prominent areas where local people as well as tourists would require clean drinking water. Some areas where these water ATM vans would be stationed in Chandigarh include:

  • Bus stands of sector 17 and sector 43,
  • Railway station,
  • Housing board, Manimajra  
  • IT park, Chandigarh
  • Krishna Market, Sector 41C
  • Mansa Devi Bus Stand
  • Palika Bazar, Sec 19
  • PGI Sec 14
  • Rock Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Sector 15 Market
  • Sector 17 Plaza
  • Sector 22 market
  • Sector 34 central area
  • Sector 35 market
  • Sukhna lake

Water ATM Idea for Chandigarh:

These machines would work to serve water at nominal rates in crowded places with a completely automated control to check water safety standards. Also, these water ATM vans would help in lessening the amount of plastic by using bio-degradable paper glasses to serve water. These e-carts would be accessible via multiple options that includes coins, cards and mobile app. In the words of Municipal Commissioner Baldeo Purushartha – “Chandigarh is the first city to adopt such a smart water system”

According to sources, these machines would be serving almost 25000 people per day. The best thing is that people will be able to check the purity levels of water that is being served on a LED display unit fixed on the van. It would display real time TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) value which is an indicator of water purity as per WHO.

So, next time whenever you spot a water ATM van, feel free to try out a glass of water. It would be better than Delhi’s water rehris.

Image Credits: The Tribune.


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