Chandigarh Gets A Nagar Van (City Forest) Near Sukhna Lake & It’s Awesome

The people of the City Beautiful – Chandigarh will soon be able to enjoy more space in order to enjoy long leisurely walks in a bushy and a green environment and can also workout at the same time. The Nagar Van or City Forest as it is called is spread in an area of 100 hectares and the UT Administrator threw open this City Forest recently.

The City Beautiful – Chandigarh which is home to a lush green environment and an enormous amount of trees and plants, the Nagar Van or the City Forest is a commendable initiative for all the people to have a great time while walking and thus working out.

Nagar Van (City Forest) in Chandigarh Near Sukhna LakeĀ 

Located by the people’s favourite Sukhna Lake, The Nagar Van or the City Forest has been developed recently by the UT Administration and can further be developed as a place for all the bird lovers. For the developments to take place in the City Forest, an amount of Rs. 2 crores has been spent. The forest department has made a lot of efforts in order to develop the Nagar Van which is indeed commendable and deserve appreciation.

The City Forest which was inaugurated recently saw a walk in the forest by as many as 100 students who came from New Public School, Sector 18, Chandigarh. The inauguration of the forest department property was also marked by the planting of the peepal sapling.

Chandigarh Nagar Van Also Has an Open Air Gym

The Nagar Van Chandigarh (City Forest) which has recently been inaugurated by the UT Administration is inclusive of a lot of interesting things. A lot of things like walkways, jogging, nature trails, shallow water bodies, a hut exclusively for meditation, a shed for the casual visitors, a rain shelter, a park exclusively for children as well as an open-air gym are a part of the Nagar Van. A bio-treatment method has been developed for the sewage which flows out of the Kansal Village in Punjab in order to fill the shall water body which is included in the Nagar Van or City Forest in Chandigarh.

People can now come and enjoy numerous things by visiting this Nagar Van or City Forest located behind the Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh.

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