Chandigarh Gets a Bio-methenation Plant to Produce Electricity from Waste

Chandigarh, the clean – green city is yet again all set to prove its cleanliness standards. Waste management may be an issue around all places but something seems to be changing in Chandigarh. A Biomethenation plant is coming up in Chandigarh which will manage wet garbage & convert it into bio gas. This bio gas will be primarily used for producing electricity. So, in short – Chandigarh will now be producing electricity from waste.

Location of the Plant:

This biomethenation plant has been set up in Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh. Inaugurated by the mayor of Chandigarh Arun Sood on Monday (14th November, 2016), this plant will decompose wet waste in Chandigarh and get it converted into bio gas. The process used technically is named biomethanation or methanogenesis and that is what makes the name of the plant.

What was the Need:

Wet waste is the main reason for many diseases and the foul smell. The waste segregation is crucial for any plant which is managing the waste. Wet waste typically includes organic waste. This is what generally takes up most of the garbage weight too. This waste being organic can thus be used for the process to produce electricity.

The cost and logistics:

Chandigarh’s Municipal Corporation has signed a memorandum with BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), Bombay. BARC will be undertaking this task of installing two 5 MT Bio-Methanation Plants in Chandigarh. A total amount of Rs. 91.35 lakhs has been already given to BARC, Bombay for setting it up. Total Operation and maintenance is being looked after by the agency and BARC itself. Apart from this, BARC will also be responsible for guidance as to its handling and maintenance. This is the first of the two 5 MT Bio-Methanation Plants that will come up in Chandigarh. The location os the second plant is being finalized.

Chandigarh’s Concern Towards Environment:

Chandigarh has always been keen for protecting the inside environment. What better way to manage the waste by using it derive benefits out. Major benefits of this bio-methanation plant include:

  • Eradication of foul smell.
  • Segregation of Dry waste.
  • The most important is the production of electricity.

The electricity thus produced will be used for lighting the street lights in Chandigarh. Initially, it is estimated that approximately a production of 30 KW of electricity can be expected on the daily basis. It’s a great news for Chandigarh.

Source: India Times


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