Chandigarh Gets it’s First 3D Zebra Crossing & Here’s What it’s All About

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has incorporated the new 3D Zebra crossing in the city. Looking forward to the increasing number of road accidents in the city, MC (Chandigarh) has come up with a pilot project to avoid the same. And the first 3D Zebra crossing has been painted on the Sector 7-26 dividing road on Sunday only. After Delhi, Chandigarh has been the second city in India to have such 3D Zebra crossing.

Although it was a surprising element for the Chandigarh people on Sector 7-26 diving road with the new 3D Zebra crossing on Sunday. And the project has been made to make the city road safer for the residents to move.

Chandigarh Gets its First 3D Zebra Crossing to Avoid Accidents

3D Zebra crossing has been developed by a mother-daughter duo from Gujarat and it was first implemented in the capital city of India. And now, it has reached the city beautiful Chandigarh to make the roads safer for the residents of the city. With one of its kind step in Chandigarh, MC is looking forward to reducing down the increasing number of accidents in the city.

As Chandigarh roads have been well-maintained, it makes drivers speed up their vehicle above the speed limit. And it’s been very difficult for them to reduce down the speed suddenly when somebody comes in front of the vehicle causing an accident on the roads. This 3D zebra crossing in Chandigarh has been painted with the aim to reduce down & make city roads an accident free zone.

And here’s how the new 3D Zebra Crossing Works in Chandigarh

As it is 3D zebra crossing, from far away it looks like an elevated area to the driver that makes them slow down the vehicle automatically. And in the daytime, it seems pedestrian hopping at the painted blocks. Despite being the average speed limit of 50 km/hour, drivers use to drive higher to the speed limit.

And now MC has decided to put a brake on those drivers driving, so to make the Chandigarh roads safer for Chandigarhians. Let’s hope the same so that no life can be lost in such road accidents.

Source: HT


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