This Girl Gave Life to Four People After Her Death at PGI Chandigarh & We Salute Her

They say that ‘Life Goes On’. But the real meaning of this saying comes into effect when your life goes on even after your own death. This 23-year old girl named ‘Priyanka Jain’ has proved it right. She might not be in this world anymore as she died due to a head injury, but she has given a new life to 4 different patients at PGI Chandigarh.

Priyanka hailed from Zirakpur and was a very bubbly girl full of positive energy. In her life, she always promoted blood donation and organ donation by volunteering with an NGO. Priyanka even motivated the whole Jain family for the great cause of organ donation. She volunteered many organ and blood donation camps with Manasangh Charitable Trust and had encouraged many people towards blood and organ donation.

Unfortunately, Priyanka died but her pledge towards organ donation has given new life to 4 patients at Chandigarh’s PGI hospital.

Her kidneys were transplanted to 2 people and her corneas gave a gift of sight to 2 other people. While she lost the battle of her life at PGI, she has saved 4 other lives & given them the motivation to live.

How She died?

It is learned that Priyanka went for a fun trip with her friends to Goa. Unfortunately, the cab in which she was travelling met with an accident on its way from Goa to Pune. In the incident, Priyanka suffered a head injury. As soon as her family came to know about this news, they rushed her to PGI in Chandigarh on 27th January 2017. After immense efforts by the doctors of PGI, she didn’t retrieve from her critical condition and lost the battle of her life due to cardiac arrest on 2nd February in PGI Chandigarh.

Although for Jain family, it’s a huge loss but they’ll surely be feeling proud of their daughter.  Organ donation is the biggest donation one can give and Priyanka had promoted it throughout her life.

We salute Priyanka & her family for such a noble cause and pray for her soul to rest in peace. She’ll be a huge inspiration for many.


Ajay Deep

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