Chandigarh Girl Jumped From Moving Car To Escape Rape Bid By Friend

A 22-year-old girl from Chandigarh who is working with a private company had to jump from a moving car to escape a rape bid that too from her own friend. The young girl was molested by her male friend in the name of help – as he offered her a lift in his car. The woman who works in Mohali took a lift from the guy.

The fact is that the guy who tried to rape the girl was her close friend and was well-known to the girl. This rape bid by a friend completely violates the phrase “A friend in need is a friend indeed”completely.

The Crime Scene

The incident happened in Phase 8 industrial area of Mohali when the victim asked her male friend to get some official specifics at around 8 pm. The guy helped the girl with that and offered her a lift in his Swift Dzire car. The guy named Suresh works in a marketing firm and is a local of Mohali.

The girl took lift from Suresh as he was a good friend and she trusted him. According to reports, the accused took the car to an isolated location and tried to molest the girl. The intensity of the crime was so excessive that the victim had to jump off the moving vehicle to save herself.

As published in The Tribune, SHO of Mohali, Sukhwinder Singh stated that “Suresh gave the data that he was asked for and then coaxed the woman into his car. Suresh then took the car away from the area to an inaccessible area and proceeded with his insane behaviour with the woman.”

In a frantic move to escape, the victim jumped out of the car when it paced down at the red lights of Phase VIII.

The Aftermath

As soon as the girl jumped from the car raising an alarm, the accused fled from the spot and is still on large. The victim who is from Himachal Pradesh was saved by a doctor working in a private hospital who picked her from the road and took her to the Mohali Civil Hospital.

The girl was not badly injured but received minor scratches and bruises in the unfortunate incident. She informed the members of her family after she received a treatment at the hospital, who reside in Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh.

Right now the Mohali police is on the hunt to find the accused, Suresh.

There has been many cases on rapes and molestation but cases like these are really a huge concern for the society when the loyal relationships of humanity come under the probation.

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