All Government Colleges in Chandigarh To Have Facial Recognition Attendance System

Chandigarh Government has got strict with the faculty members, administrative staff of government colleges and has started a facial recognition system. The facial recognition machines have been installed at the government colleges to check the absenteeism of the faculty members.

Before introducing the facial recognition system, the government colleges in Chandigarh had a biometric attendance system which used to scan fingerprints of the staff. The new machines installed by the UT government in the government colleges will be scanning fingerprint, iris and face.

Facial Recognition System In Government Colleges 

The government colleges in Chandigarh will be getting a facial recognitions system and PGGC (The Postgraduate Government College), Sector 11 Chandigarh will be the first government college to have installed these machines. This system is for the convenience of the staff said the principal of the college.

A lot of staff members used to complain that the biometric machines failed to accept their thumb impression. Now the new machines will installed, the staff members will have to stand in front of these machines and their attendance will be marked.

What Chandigarh Teachers Felt About This Decision 

A lot of teachers of the government colleges in Chandigarh are not happy with this move as they feel that it is pointless to sit in the college for five hours just to mark the attendance. One of the teachers also said that there’s no logic behind the move as there are times when the teachers get free before time due to the exam duty or the lectures get over early. Now they will have to wait for five hours, won’t be able to leave the campus without marking the attendance.

Whereas another teacher was happy with the move and said that it is a good initiative taken by the UT government because a lot of teachers used to mark a proxy attendance but now the teachers will have to wait and won’t be able to leave the campus before completing five hours. Teachers will also not be able to mark a proxy attendance after the facial recognition system is installed.

The teachers who are physically challenged, visually impaired will not be asked to mark the attendance twice on the machines.

Source: Hindustan Times

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