The Answer to Why Chandigarh is Called ‘The Green City’ Will Make You Feel Proud

Ever thought the greenest city of India, Chandigarh is green to what extent? How many number of trees exactly or roughly are there in the city by virtue of it is being called as “green”? Is it 100% green that makes it look like a tropical forest or an arbitrary value ‘x’ percent which imparts a sense of greenery that is required in the region? How does one calculate as to how much green is good green?

To give you an abstract idea as to how much or how many, I could say play, “Who wants to become a Millionaire” in terms of having widespread green cover and would blindly conclude, ‘Chandigarh’ simply tops the list of being a millionaire in having trees in its kitty by an unbelievable margin from the rest of the regions boasting of great green cover around.

Chandigarh MC has cracked the deal, here’s how?

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has got all the answers to your queries. MC of Chandigarh carried out an intensive survey wherein it region wise divided the city beautiful and calculated manually as to how many number of trees belong to that particular region.

Quoting the exact estimated number, Chandigarh, the city beautiful proudly owns 1,65,597 i.e. in words ‘One lakh sixty five thousand five hundred and ninety seven’ trees on its lands. Yeah, you may faint now !!! Possessing around 1.66 lac trees in the region, what makes the survey so intensive in nature is its further distribution of the trees into various categories like Dry & Dead, Green, Under girth, dangerously tilting etc. “Hats off” to the ‘patience and precision’ with which the task was done.

How much green is good green?

The big question of the census arises is that even after performing the précised calculations, how does one simply judge and categorise the regions as to how much of green cover is good for a particular region.

Let us not go about boasting encore and let the statistics and data reveal as to what volumes they speak for themselves to base one’s judgements upon. Here are the details of the precise computations that will shake you off from your complacency.

Statistics say that:

  • Chandigarh has 1.66 lacs of tress in the region that makes it “City Beautiful”
  • Sector 27, Chandigarh is the greenest of all with 5797 trees in region
  • Hallo majra, poorest of all with only 41 trees in the entire area
  • The poshest Sector 6, Chandigarh possess a meager 147 trees
  • Privately planted trees within private properties not included in the survey
  • Hence, possibility of more trees which could not be included to make regions greener

The computations performed by the “Horticulture Department” of Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh is one-of-its-kinds calculations that are performed to answer the big question of all times. All of that coming on to a conclusion that “Chandigarh, the greenest city of India” simply deserves the title because now statistics says so!

Source: TOI, Image India Times

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