To Make Chandigarh a Cancer & Diabetes Free City, Health Department Starts Screening Residents

In a commendable effort initiated by the Health Department of Chandigarh Administration, the residents of the city now have to undergo a large-scale screening process for Diabetes and Cancer. The health department of the city has woken up to the call of making the city free from these progressive diseases like Diabetes and Cancer.

Aim of the Screening Process

With the higher prevalent rates of these diseases, the project aims at the following:

  • Creating awareness among masses about the hazards of the diseases
  • Facilitate prevention and early cure of these diseases
  • Focus on strengthening infrastructure & health promotion
  • Early diagnosis and effective management

Why this Screening?

Chandigarh, known for its fitness enthusiastic population has recently topped the list of having highest incidences of these lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Cancer according to recent reports. The administration under the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke (NPCDCS), has marched forth for the cause and summoned various other departments to cater to the issue at the earliest for the welfare of the city residents.

How will the implementation occur?

Following the conventional approach, the screening would be done from the grass roots level. Taking up the implementation on from house-to-house, the administration aims to cover the entire city. The officer-in-charge, Dr Anil Garg, NPCDCS, Chandigarh, stated, “We hope to complete the screening process within the next couple of years.”

The entire city has been divided into phases starting from Behlana village followed by covering sector 25, Chandigarh for the ease of implementation of such a large-scale project.

Steps for Implementation:

  • Door to door campaigning
  • Pitching in of accredited social health activists (ASHA) and auxiliary nurse midwife (ANMs)
  • Issuing of Health cards for the city residents
  • Establishment of special clinics at Civil Hospitals in Sectors 22,45 and Mani Majra

Who will be Benefited?

Targeting population of age group of above 30’s residing in the city for non-communicable diseases, the administration aims to target the middle-aged group which are more vulnerable to such diseases. This a set of age group wherein people belonging to it are most prone to get diseases like diabetes, cervical, oral and breast cancers and high blood pressure.

Taking pride in being called as City Beautiful comprising of modern living, Chandigarh forgot that every cloud has a silver lining. Owing to the stress factors combined with other factors of modern living, the entire city is now under the scrutiny of Health department. Let us join hands against these deadly evils which forbid us to be the healthy residents of city beautiful.

Image = The Tribune

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