Chandigarh Health Dept. to Provide Free Medical Tests Facility at 5 Diagnostic Centres in City

Chandigarh | In a great initiative taken up by the Health Department of Chandigarh Administration, the department has decided to make available free diagnostic facility at 5 centres in and around the city beautiful Chandigarh. The free of cost facility is all set to launch soon at dispensaries and hospitals in Chandigarh to aid the city residents especially those who find it difficult to meet their medical expenses.

Initiatives by the Chandigarh Health Department

  • The free of cost diagnostic facility is a move taken up by the authorities which have already approved the idea. The administration is now awaiting its next meeting to be held to decide the launch date.
  • Diagnostic tests of urine, blood and stool to be inclusive in the facility
  • A few expensive tests like X- ray, MRI, however, are excluded from the list of free diagnosis to be carried out under the facility.
  • The funds are to arranged for the cause and National health mission has come to their rescue to provide financial assistance to the UT Health department for the missionary efforts.
  • In addition to this facility, “Free Drug Initiative ” under which 48 new free drugs are to be made available for the common man who needs medical assistance.
  • Though the facility already has been under action for a long time, the facility is perceived as ‘ old wine in a new bottle’ by the common man. Switching off ‘funding authority’ from Union Health Ministry to National Health Mission is the only change that is expected from the facility.

5 Centers for Free Medical Tests in Chandigarh

UT Health Department is pretty active in working for city residents to aid them with proper medical assistance. The initial proposal was to choose 7 or 8 centres but this meant more funds for installation of medical facilities and building up infrastructure. Going cost-effective, the department carefully chose 5 such centres which already possess all the facilities to kickstart this initiative.

The 5 such centres which are selected as are mentioned below:

  1. Government Multi-Speciality Hospital, Sector 16
  2. Civil Hospital, Sector 22
  3. Civil Hospital, Sector 45
  4. Civil Hospital, Manimajra
  5. Civil Hospital, Sarangpur

Money Matters

Funding is the major contribution that needs to be finalised for any project that has come out of its planning phase and going through the execution one. Involving National Health Mission as its funding authority, following proposals are expected to take over the causes:

  • Over 1 crore expected to be released by NHM for Free Diagnostic centre initiative.
  • INR 2.50 crores approved by NHM for drug procurement under “Free Drug Initiative.”
  • An additional sum of INR 4.0 crores expected from NHM under Free Drug Initiative and Free diagnostic facility.
  • Funding to ensure continuous availability of drugs throughout the year.
  • Initially, drugs got over by month end following which poor had to pay to buy medicines.
  • Sufficient procurement and constant monitoring underway.

Tenders have already been floated to procure more such facilities and once the launch happens, more such centres are expected to fall under the free diagnostic facility. The initiatives were taken up by the authorities and proposals made certainly have won the hearts of city residents. Truly, UT administration is a perfect example of ‘ Government of the people, for the people and by the people.’

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