Chandigarh Housing Board to Construct 10,000 Flats | Know Price of Flats & Locality

Everyone needs an affordable house in Chandigarh and to provide affordable housing in U.T, Chandigarh Housing Board is all set to begin the construction of 10,000 flats from October this year. Chandigarh Housing Board Chairman Maninder Singh Bains said that In first phase 10,000 flats will be constructed and a proposal to the UT administration is already sent for approval. Construction of the flats will start in October and possession by July 2019.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna

Chandigarh Housing board will build flats in Mauli Jagran, Maloya and Dhanas under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, 1.23 Lakh applicants have applied under this scheme for flats. Chandigarh Administration has selected 51,000 people out of it. Issuing of Flats will be Phase vise and under the Phase 1, 10,000 people out of selected 51000 will get the flats. The possession of flats is expected by July 2019.

Price of Flat in Chandigarh

The price of Flats is divided into two groups – Low Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG). For the Low Income Group, the tentative cost of Flat is 20 Lakh and for the Middle Income Group, the tentative cost of flat is around 35 Lakh. Further, the categories are divided into 4 groups -Economically Weak, Low Income, Middle Income-1, and Middle Income-2. For Economically Weak group 3500 houses will be constructed and the price will be Rs.10 Lakh.

For Low-Income group, 3000 houses will be constructed and the price will be Rs.20Lakh. For Middle Income-1 group 2000 houses will be constructed and the price will be Rs.35 Lakh. For Middle income-2 group 1500 houses will be constructed and the price will be Rs.40 Lakh. Chandigarh Housing Board launched this scheme in March this year. The scheme started on March 20 and ends on April 22.

Subsidy on Houses

MIG-I Scheme – Beneficiaries living in Urban Areas can get 4% subsidy on loan up to Rs.9 lakh for new construction.
MIG-II Scheme – In this 3% subsidy can be availed up to Rs.12 Lakh.
LIG(Low Income Group) and EWS(Economically Weak) can avail 6.5% subsidy on loan up to Rs.6 lakh.

Locality of Flats by Chandigarh Housing Board

Under this scheme, 5500 houses will be constructed in Maloya. 4000 houses will be constructed in Dhanas and 500 houses will be constructed in Mauli Jagran. This division is purely based on the area available in the locality to construct Flats.

Who is Eligible??

Those who are residents of Chandigarh as of June 2015 and are living in urban areas are eligible for affordable housing. One must have a valid Adhaar Card or Voter Card as an identity proof and the most important thing that he/she have no plot, house anywhere in India.




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