Chandigarh Housing Board to come up with 128 new flats in Sector 51

Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has announced that they will be constructing 128 new flats in Sector 51, Chandigarh. This is after a long time that Chandigarh Housing Board has announced a news about the construction of new flats in the city. The project has already got the approval from all concerned officials including Chandigarh Administrator and the project work is expected to begin soon.

Construction details of new CHB Flats in Sector 51

According to the nod given to chief architect, the design of these new Chandigarh Housing Board flats in sector 51 will comprise of 2 bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, dressing space, store, 2 toilets and balconies.

The board is also planning to construct parking lots for these flats on the ground floor and even lifts have been proposed. But these things have yet to get a nod from the department of urban planning.

Cost of Chandigarh Housing Board Flats in Sector 51


If you are interested to know what would a 2 bedroom flat by Chandigarh Housing Board cost you, then Chandigarh Metro team would like to inform you that the price of 1 flat would be around Rs. 68 Lakh. This is the reserve price set by the board and is a round figure. However, it is not yet clear that these new flats will be allotted on the basis of auction or some lucky draw would be held.

This price is at par with various other flats available in surrounding areas of Chandigarh which have been developed by private real estate companies. But within Chandigarh, only the flats made by Chandigarh Housing Board are available and this price is a fair price to own a flat within Chandigarh city.

In any case, Chandigarh housing board has tie ups with leading banks to provide house loans to city residents.

Who can buy Chandigarh Housing Board flats?

According to a news published in Times of India dated 20th May, it was announced that only those people who do not have property in Chandigarh can apply for these flats. If you already own a house in the area falling under Chandigarh administration, then your dream to own a Chandigarh Housing Board flat in the city can not be fulfilled.

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