Chandigarh International Airport To Get 14 New Food & Beverage Outlets

The International Airport in Chandigarh is going to a bit more merrier now since the top authorities of Chandigarh Airport have decided to open 14 new food and beverages outlets in the waiting area of the dome. The people at the Chandigarh International Airport will not have to face a hard time waiting up for their flights anymore since the food and beverage shops will now keep them busy and make the airport much more populous. The outlets are going to pop up at the Chandigarh Airport in the next two months adding up to the facilities that are already available in a low number in the waiting space of the port.

Chandigarh Airport Food & Beverage Outlets

The tender to set up 14 food and beverage outlets at the Chandigarh International Airport has been given to a Delhi-based food chain by the Airport Authorities and they will start their development work in the coming months. It has not been clarified yet the brands that each outlet will serve under at the Airport and the firm still thinking upon that.

The 14 food and beverage outlet would be set up keeping in mind the convenience of the customers at the Chandigarh International Airport. The shops would be available in the departure and security hold area of the port. Moreover, it is being said by the AAI that the outlets will soon go duty-free in the upcoming months and will also provide WiFi service to the passengers very soon.

Other Upcoming Facilities

The Airport Authority of India is doing its level best to make all the provisions to provide utmost convenience to the people that come to the Chandigarh International Airport. The Authorities are looking forward to making major changes at the Airport to give a better experience to its consumers every time they board a flight via Chandigarh. Since both national and international passengers come to the UT Airport it is important for the authorities to ensure them proper facilities at the Airport.

Inaugurated in the year 2015 by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi the International Airport of Chandigarh has not witnessed much commotion since its beginning. Right now almost 36 flights operate through the Chandigarh International Airport out which 2 remain the international ones. About 20% increase in the passenger traffic and 8.5% aircraft growth has been recorded at the airport in the recent years from 2016-2017.

Source: The Indian Express

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