Chandigarh International Airport | Rs. 40 Lakh Worth Gold Seized By Custom Officers

On account of the fresh bid on the smuggling of gold at Chandigarh International Airport, the customs officials seized gold biscuits weighing around 1KG. The Gold biscuits confiscated belonged to the Jalandhar resident who was traveling from Sharjah. This resulted in the account of the noticeable behavior of the passenger while he was passing the green channel during the customs check.

1 KG Gold Seized at Chandigarh International Airport

This Saturday, the news came out of the Chandigarh International Airport where the Jalandhar resident crossed the green channel without declaring his gold and was arrested on the spot. This passenger of Air India was carrying 1 KG that is Rs. 40 Lakh of Gold with him and tried to avoid the custom duty. Basically, the green channel is for the passengers who declare that they do not carry any item that will attract the customs duty.

This arrest and confiscation occurred when the customs official noticed unusual behavior and movement of the passenger when he crossed the green channel. This is not the first time when the customs officials have seized the gold at Chandigarh International Airport. There have been many cases where the customs officers have seized the gold from the passengers arriving in Chandigarh. Most of these cases were accounted for the passengers who have been traveling from Dubai or Sharjah.

Accused Smuggler Questioned By Customs Officials At Chandigarh International Airport

On questioning the man, customs officials found gold biscuits worth Rs. 40 Lakh. In total there were 4 gold bars out which 2 weighted 1Kg and another weighing 350 grams approximately. On questioning, the man claimed that he is carrying this much gold for personal use. Although the man was arrested on the spot for skipping the customs duty yet he was released on bail after some time but the gold was seized. While searching the belongings of the man the customs officials found gold biscuits hidden in the socks.

With this news flash, another incident of smuggling was accounted in the history of Chandigarh International Airport. According to the customs officials, there are many measures that the customs security is working on to reduce such cases.

Source РIndian Express 


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