Chandigarh International Airport To Get Its Own Radio Courtesy Radio Indigo

If you ever get bored boarding a flight from the International Airport of Chandigarh, the CHIAL authorities have you covered. The Chandigarh Airport is set to have its own radio frequency in association with Radio Indigo to keep the travellers entertained. The new radio service will be available on the frequency of 91.9 Hz and will be called CHIAL Radio 91.9 FM.

In addition to the 91.9, FM Chandigarh Airport will also get its own Radio Jockey

The Chandigarh International Airport Limited authorities have partnered with Radio Indigo to come up with their own radio station to keep the passengers entertained while at the airport. In addition to this, the CHIAL Radio 91.9 FM will also get its own Radio Jockey who along with playing music will announce important details to the customers boarding their flights.

The Chandigarh Airport authorities have done their bit of research and told that 90% of air traffic here is of international passengers and the CHIAL Radio 91.9 FM will make sure that they are kept entertained with music from across the globe. Radio Indigo intends to play curated music at the Chandigarh airport keeping in line with the mood and time of the day to provide an overall better experience to the travelers. Both the CHIAL authorities and Radio Indigo CEO seemed excited about the partnership and announced that the 91.9 FM frequency is being tested and it could launch its services as soon as next week at the Chandigarh International Airport.

The airport of Chandigarh is the second to get such a service in India

The CHIAL 91.9 FM Radio at Chandigarh Airport is the second one in the country to offer such a service for the entertainment of the passengers. The Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi had partnered with Radio Mirchi in October 2015 to play curated content at the Terminal T3 of the Delhi Airport.

The Chandigarh Airport has witnessed huge growth in terms of air traffic in the past years and is looking to expand the airport in line with the global standard. Recently, the CHIAL authorities had announced the set up of two duty free liquor shops by global firm Flamingo, one in each domestic and arrival areas.

Source: RadioAndMusic

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