Chandigarh International Airport Still Misses These 2 Ultra Essential Facilities

Chandigarh is now on the World map in terms of international flights but it still misses two of the most essential things that people love at airports. While Chandigarh International Airport bagged the best airport award in terms of landscape and interiors but there are still 2 things that are essential and are still missing.

With the operation of international flights, it is not just that people from Chandigarh will be going abroad but it is vice – versa as international tourists would also be coming to Chandigarh. These mission facilities might be missed by a lot of people.

Missing facilities at Chandigarh International Airport

The things listed below are somewhat that people look for at International airport and are not present at our own Chandigarh International Airport.

  • Duty Free Shops

You might have seen shopping arcades within airport. All these shops are exempt from the payment of certain local & national taxes or excise duties and hence things are available at lesser cost. Chandigarh International Airport does have provision of shops within its premises but as of now there are no duty free shops.

  • Wi-Fi

Having a Wi-Fi has become a must for everyone and a place like airport surely needs a free wi-fi. Internet is the best time-pass for people while sitting at an airport who are waiting to board a flight. You’ll be surprised to know that Chandigarh International Airport does not have a free wi-fi as of now. This is something which is essential and should definitely be worked upon in the least possible time.

Facilities at Chandigarh International Airport

If we had to talk on the positive side, the international airport has got some world class features and will surely emerge as a renowned airport in near future. Some of these facilities include:

  • Escalators, Lifts, Air-conditioning.
  • Retail shops of  leather bags and accessories.
  • International SIM card shop.
  • Counter for foreign exchange.
  • SBI ATM.
  • Tourism counter.
  • Information counter.
  • Medical facilities.

The international flights that are being operated from Chandigarh Airport include Chandigarh – Dubai and Chandigarh – Sharjah. Apart from these a lot of other international flights would be started in coming days and we hope that Chandigarh International Airport will emerge as a prominent airport of India. But as of now, the management needs to work on Wi-Fi and Duty free shops.


Ajay Deep

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