Chandigarh International Airport Reopens | Gets an Improved Runway and 3 New Flights

After experiencing a closure for as many as 20 days owing to the repair work, the Chandigarh Airport is back in action and is ready to take some new domestic as well as International flights. The Chandigarh International Airport was shut down for a period of 20 days from May 12 to May 31, 2018, in lieu of the expansion and the repair.

This was the second time that the airport was shut down, the first time being in the month of February from February 12 to February 26, 2018, for similar reasons. The Chandigarh International Airport re-commenced with its operations from June 1, 2018.

Chandigarh International Airport | New Flights & Runway Details

The Chandigarh International Airport is all set to witness new flights that will link Chandigarh to the other places of the country. In the coming days, new flights from Chandigarh to reach to places like Kolkata, Indore, Srinagar as well as Ahmedabad will shortly be available. After the expansion and construction changes due to which the airport was closed down, the runway has now been expanded. Now, the runway is 12,400 feet long along with an effective take-off length which is 10,400 feet.

For the overall expansion as well as the upgradation of the Chandigarh Airport runway, a total amount of Rs. 450 crores are known to have been spent. The Chandigarh Airport will be commencing with its night flight operations from next year. After the expansion of the current runway which shall be finished in phases, will the night flight operations begin in the month of February 2019.

Chandigarh International Airport | Major Flight Details

Currently, the Chandigarh International Airport is known to handle as many as 30 commercial flights which are inclusive of the International flights which connect Chandigarh to Dubai, Bangkok as well as Sharjah. Also, in the domestic circuit, the International Airport links Chandigarh to the National Capital, Srinagar, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Mumbai and some others as well.

Also, a heli-taxi service from Chandigarh to Shimla has begun from June 4, 2018, in order to promote tourism and cut short on the travel time in between both the places. With the heli-taxi service, people can reach Shimla from Chandigarh within a time span of 20 minutes. 


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