Chandigarh International Airport To Get 3 New Snack Bars & a Restaurant

Chandigarh International Airport has been in news for the flight delays and runway repairs going on. According to the sources at CHIAL [Chandigarh International Airport Limited], this Wednesday, the restaurant in the airport is going to add on 3 new snack bars before Diwali. Earlier the tender was passed to the company for setting up the 14 food and beverage outlets at the Chandigarh International Airport, and shortly 3 new outlets of snack bars will open here.

3 New Snack Bars To Add in Chandigarh International Airport

The plan of opening up the 3 new snack bars in Chandigarh International Airport was decided to be completed before Diwali 2017. On Wednesday, “CHIAL” authorities made an announcement for the same confirming the news floating around. These 3 new snack bars are going to open up in different parts of the Chandigarh Airport. Since the inauguration of the new terminal of Chandigarh International Airport in 2015, CHIAL has been adding different facilities one after another to improve the premises. Since Tuesday the Airport has been closed after 4:00 PM till 5:00 AM for runway repairs creating a chaos among the customers.

Chandigarh International Airport to Launch a New Flight ScheduleĀ 

As the runway of Chandigarh Airport is getting renovated, the Airport has been closed after 4:00 PM for few months shaking down the complete flight schedule of the Chandigarh International Airport. As per the renovations, 11 of 36 flights have been canceled and the rescheduling of the remaining flights has been carried out. As of now, the new schedule of 14 flights from Chandigarh Airport has been out. The new schedule for the Chandigarh International Airport will be intact till 28th October 2017 and after that, a new schedule will be formulated according to winter timings.

Where the Chandigarh International Airport authorities are continuously making efforts to improve its functioning and infrastructureĀ there, it has been planning to establish 3 new snack bars at different areas of the airport. Although there has been cancellation of several flights still, Chandigarh Airport is hosting to welcome the first test flight from Kullu.

So, get ready to see 3 new snack bars in the Chandigarh International Airport before Diwali. This Diwali is definitely going to entertain everyone in India.

Source – IndianExpress


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