Chandigarh Introduces Mx. Prefix for Transgenders | So Now It Will Be Mr. Ms. or Mx.

Chandigarh Administration has accepted the demands of Transgenders to prefix Mx. with their names. According to the report, The administration in Chandigarh has agreed to have a separate prefix for the Transgenders in Chandigarh. Till now all the government and official forms had three categories to be prefixed with the names РMr., Mrs. and Ms. but now on, there will be another prefix on all the official forms such as applications/admission forms et al for the third gender that is Mx.

Mx. Prefix in Chandigarh – A win for the transgenders in the city

A new prefix for the transgenders – Mx. under a provision that has been decided by the Chandigarh Administration has come as a win for the transgender community in Chandigarh. As per the report, transgenders in Chandigarh will now be able to use prefix Mx. with their names to fill various applications, admission forms and can also use this prefix with their names wherever other prefixes like Mr. Mrs. and Ms. are used.

Using a different prefix РMx. by transgenders with their names, a provision that has been passed by the Chandigarh Administration has come as a win for the transgender community in Chandigarh that had been demanding a separate prefix to be used with their names for a long time.

Transgenders in Chandigarh to have a different prefix

The decision that transgenders will be able to use a separate prefix Mx. with their names in Chandigarh has been taken in a Transgender Welfare Board (TWB) meeting. It was reported that the meeting was held recently in Chandigarh and different members of the transgender community in Chandigarh attended the meeting where the pathbreaking decision was taken.

The transgenders had been making the demand to include a new prefix in various forms for their community which has been finally accepted by the Transgender Welfare Board. The report also mentions that all the departments have given a go-ahead to the decision and have agreed to include this prefix in different forms.

First transgender toilet in India at Panjab University, Chandigarh

As per a report, a separate toiled for the transgenders in Panjab University, Chandigarh is the first of its kind initiative by a university in India. A separate toilet is being constructed in the Panjab University, Chandigarh for the ‘third gender’ which is another win for the transgender community in Chandigarh who had been fighting for their basic rights.

In addition to the separate toilet at Panjab University for the transgenders, the decision to have a separate prefix Mx. for transgenders, that was approved by the Chandigarh Administration is yet another win for the community in Chandigarh.

Source: India Today


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