Chandigarh Becomes India’s 1st City to Install Digital Automatic Speed Gun Cameras

The high-tech speed cameras are equipped with night vision technology

Chandigarh- better known as the city beautiful, has successfully installed the first of its kind digital auto speed gun cameras in the city for making roads safer for the residents. Chandigarh has become the 1st City in north India to Install Digital Automatic Speed Gun Cameras. As a pilot project, the digital cameras have been installed only at a few places and after the successful completion of the project, it will be installed on all the major roads across Chandigarh.

Specifications of the Digital Auto Speed Gun Cameras 

The Digital Auto Speed Gun Cameras have been installed by the Chandigarh Police to tighten its grip on rash drivers and to check over speeding on the busy city roads. These hi-tech speed gun cameras will keep a vigil on rash drivers and will also record the vehicle speed of the offenders.

The Automatic Speed Gun Cameras that have been installed in Chandigarh are equipped with digital displays for traffic management. Kolkata is the other city in India where such system has been installed. The high-tech digital speed gun cameras come equipped with night vision technology as well that can easily record the speed of an oncoming vehicle. This technology will help the Chandigarh Police to issue challans to violators driving above the city speed limits.

The Speed Gun Cameras with digital display will beware motorists 

Advanced cameras are also installed with the digital display to beware motorists of over speeding. The digital display will prompt a warning sign with a white light to warn the driver if the speed of his vehicle is above the permissible limit. As soon as the motorist breaks the law, a Challan with the image of overspeeding proof will be sent to the driver along.

The newly installed advanced cameras will come equipped with night vision technology as well. These cameras can easily capture images of the speeding vehicles in seconds. Images taken by these cameras will be sent to the concerned office and will act as a proof against the speed limit violator. The advanced cameras can easily click photos of the speeding vehicle even in dense fog as well as heavy rains.

Source: News18


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