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Chandigarh is one of those cities which is on the bucket list of many individuals all thanks to its cleanliness as well as tourist places. But as per the recent report which has been released by the National Health Report (NHR) 2018, the City Beautiful – Chandigarh is the second most populated city within the whole country which is followed by the National Capital – New Delhi.

Apart from the population count, Chandigarh is also the city which has the lowest sex ratio. In order to calculate the population density of a particular area, a person will be required to divide the total population by the size of the area. The sex ratio is measured by the number of females per 1000 males of an area.

Chandigarh Second Most Populated Area In India 

The National Capital – New Delhi has the highest population density of the country which is followed by Chandigarh. Both the cities with 11,320 people per square kilometre as well as 9,258 population per square kilometre respectively for New Delhi as well as Chandigarh. Arunachal Pradesh is one city which is at the lowest density with 17.

The people of Delhi, as well as Chandigarh, have a considerable chunk of their population living in the rural areas. As many as 70 per cent of the people at these places are living in the rural areas and thus tend to witness a dense cluster of the healthcare facilities as only 30 per cent of the medical as well as the healthcare facilities are available in the rural areas of Chandigarh.

The urban areas in Chandigarh have better healthcare facilities and a very less chunk of the population. As per the National Health Profile (NHP) 2018, the rural areas of Chandigarh have the lowest sex ratio of 690 females for every 1000 males.

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As per the data which has been derived by the National Health Project (NHP) 2018, 28.5 per cent of the population is either aged 14 or less and only 8 per cent of the population is above 60 years which clearly indicates Chandigarh’s lowest sex ratio.

Chandigarh has a dense population as people are settling here in large numbers which increases the population density of the Union Territory.

For the complete list of states and UTs with their population index, head on to The Indian Wire.


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