Chandigarh | Last Date Approaching for Parents to Submit Admission Form For Their Kids

Admission of the kids is the major concern of every parent and as the process of taking in the admission forms has been going on in Chandigarh, parents must know the current status of the process in every school. The days for submitting the admission forms to different schools in Chandigarh is about to end. As per the information, the time left for parents to submit the forms to various school is approaching its end. Only 5 days are left for the admission form submission and for some schools only 3 days are left. Parents should hurry to submit the admission forms to different schools as the last date is approaching.

Last Days of Chandigarh School Admission Form Submission 

As per the latest updates, the submission date for the admission forms is going to end soon in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Parents must hurry to submit their admission forms as only 5 days are left to do so. As far as St. John’s High school [Boys], Sacred Heart [Girls], and Carmel Convent [Girls] schools are concerned, they are going to end their admission form collection within three days. The admission forms for these three schools are no more available for download as the last date for doing so was declared to be 5th December 2017.

There is a good news for Parents of Chandigarh this year. The renowned St. John school is offering 160 seats in upper Kindergarten and Sacred Heart is taking in 160 students this year in Lower KG.  For parents who are looking forward to getting their kids admission to Carmel Convent school have a good news too, the school this year is offering admissions to 120 students in LKG.

 The last date of form submission has been announced to be 12th December in St. Anne’s School that is one of the famous missionary schools in Chandigarh. As per the information, Vivek High school has already closed down the process of form submission yesterday. Coming to St. Kabir School in Chandigarh, the last date for submitting the application form in this school is announced to be 16th December whereas 15th December is also the last date to submit forms in Mount Carmel School.
Source – TOI


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