Chandigarh: Less Visitors Enjoyed Helicopter Ride Than Last Year in Rose Fest 2019

Chandigarh Rose Festival has seen less rush for the helicopter ride in the year 2019. The 3 days long annual fest of the city beautiful has concluded on a great note for the year 2019. Although this time, visitors showed less interest in the Chopper ride than the last year during the Chandigarh Rose Festival 2019.

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation introduced chopper ride during the Rose fest in the year 2017. And this year, it was the third time that visitors were enjoying the aerial view of the city during Rose fest. Check out the number of visitors who enjoyed chopper ride in Chandigarh Rose Festival 2019 below.

Chandigarh Rose Festival 2019: Only 894 Visitors Enjoyed City’s Aerial View

Chandigarh MC held the 47th Rose Festival from 22 to 24 February 2019 at Rose Garden in Sector 16. As per reports, a total of 894 visitors enjoyed the birds-eye view of the city via the chopper ride during the Rose Festival 2019. Delhi based Dhillon Aviation deployed 2 choppers for the rides during Rose Festival in Chandigarh for the year 2019. Also, the aviation company earned a total of Rs. 20 Lakh via the chopper ride in the city beautiful Chandigarh.

On the first days of the Rose Festival, only 51 people enjoyed the helicopter ride during Rose Festival 2019. Whereas on the second and third day of Rose Festival, 203 and 640 people respectively visitors enjoyed the chopper ride in the city. The chopper completed a total of 152 sorties during the Chandigarh Rose Fest 2019 and 824 people saw the city from the top.

Despite less ticket price, Helicopter ride saw fewer flyers as well

Last year a total of almost 1000 people enjoyed the Chopper ride during the Rose Fest in Chandigarh. But despite a drop in the ticket price, helicopter ride saw a dip in the fliers as well in the year 2019. In the year 2018, a single ticket of chopper ride cost around Rs. 2400, but this year it was Rs 2310. Although the number of passengers for the same was fewer this time as compared to the last year.

Although those who missed the chopper ride for the year 2019 during Chandigarh Rose Festival have to wait for Rose Festival 2020 to be held in February month.


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