Chandigarh’s Lily Garden has Got Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial & Nobody Knows About It

Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, whose vision was to develop Chandigarh as urbanised and well planned first city of India has a strong memory left in Chandigarh behind. Yes, the Nehru Memorial in Chandigarh is there that nobody knows of. As in what? Nehru memorial in the city beautiful Chandigarh? Well, this was something even city residents did not know of. Why? Where? How?  Let’s find out.

Nehru Memorial in Lily Garden, Chandigarh

Nehru’s baby, Chandigarh has his memorial in his memory of paying tribute to the person who aimed at having a vision to develop the city beautiful the way it is today. Approximately, 200 metres away from the UT Secretariat in sector 9, Chandigarh lies Lily Garden of the city. Chandigarh, known to be as the ‘City of Gardens’ has this garden with its great significance which none knew about. Sad but true, this connection bore the fact that its association with independent India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru had strong connections with the place.

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What is the real connection of Nehru with Chandigarh?

Lily Garden in Chandigarh has Nehru Memorial which was built way back in the year 1952. Around 65 years earlier from now, from the very place we are talking about, Jawahar Lal Nehru carried out a survey from this observatory on April 2, 1952. Here’s what all is gathered from the place.

  • Lily Garden in the year 1952 served as an observatory for surveying Chandigarh by Nehru
  • The Garden was named ‘Lily Garden’ as a foundation stone was laid back then
  • The relevance of Lily Garden is marked as an observatory by being a historic place in Chandigarh
  • Memorial was inaugurated posthumously to pay tribute to Nehru in February 1967
  • Chandigarh’s layout  was marked by Nehru from this place which now lies in bad shape

Nehru Memorial in Chandigarh in bad shape

In a matter of sheer disgust, the Nehru memorial in the Lily Garden goes unnoticed, but what is worse is, It is not even maintained the way a historic place should have been. Here’s what the present condition of the garden is.

  • Garden has not been whitewashed since ages
  • It is not well maintained like other gardens of the city even after being a place of significance
  • Chandigarh residents are unaware about the historic relevance of the place
  • No signboards and boards are visible at the entrance or exit to create awareness
  • Sheer neglect by the authorities concerned is a shameful act at the Government’s end
  • Huge tower goes unnoticed as is ambushed by weeds and growth of unwanted plants on it

In BOLD letter one could see what is carved out on the foundation stone and when one notices, it simply shakes you off from your complacencies. Here’s what is written on the stone which would bring tears in the eyes of any person who loves the city and its historic significance.  “Jawaharlal Nehru saw the layout of Chandigarh from this spot on April 2, 1952.”

And we see the condition of the place and still do not do anything about it. It is indeed shameful to say that but, authorities turning a blind eye to the scenario is like disrespecting that one fellow who had the vision “then” to make Chandigarh! the way you see it “now.”

Source: IndianExpress

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