Chandigarh to be Malaria Free | Mosquito Proofing of Buildings Begins

You might have heard water proof, sound proof and other similar terms. But in actual, there is a term called mosquito proofing and our Chandigarh Administration’s Health Department is working to make buildings in the city as mosquito proof.

We all know that mosquitoes are a big problem in summers and they are the root cause of deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue etc. In an initiative to curb the mosquito growth in Chandigarh, the malaria wing of Chandigarh health Department has taken the initiative to make certain buildings as mosquito proof buildings.

The concept of making buildings as mosquito proof is not something new. Advanced nations already follow the concept and not just office spaces but even residential areas are made mosquito proof. The buildings which have already been converted into mosquito proof buildings include Government College is sector 42 and Metrology Department in Sector 29. The process would be extended to all schools and colleges in Chandigarh. Going further public buildings, hospitals and other places will also be made mosquito proof in Chandigarh.

The mosquito proofing does not only prevent mosquitoes from entering a building but also protect them from laying of eggs.

How is Mosquito Proofing Done?

While this might be the only question in your mind at this time, so let us answer it for you. And let us tell you upfront that you can even make your home as a mosquito proof one. You might have heard about the mosquito net. So, basically it is the same net which is used on doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. But it is dome in a proper way without leaving any spaces.

The health department of Chandigarh Administration is providing all help to government buildings, schools, collages, etc in making their buildings mosquito proof.

In case you see a case of malaria or dengue in Chandigarh, you can inform the authorities on 24 hour helpline number – 97795-58282.


Ajay Deep

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