Chandigarh MC Declares Car Bazaar in Sector 7 as Illegal

A lot has been going on for the much famous car bazaar of Chandigarh which used to come up every Sunday at Sector 7 on Madhya Marg. Chandigarh MC has already alloted a new site for Chandigarh car bazaar but the dealers have refused to go to the new site due to some reasons.

Going forward, Chandigarh MC has now declared the parking at Sector 7 Chandigarh to be illegal for car bazaar and has even inserted boards that say that sale or purchase of cars at this area is prohibited.

Car Bazaar Row in Chandigarh

It has been 32 years that the car bazaar is being held at Sector 7 but the MC has failed to switch the car bazaar to the new site in Hallo Majra. After reviewing the situation, Municipal Corporation fixed boards at various corners of the main market of Sector 7-C, Madhya Marg declaring the car bazaar to be illegal. The board also stated in public interest that sale and purchase done in this market will be considered legal.

The dealers refused to move to the new allocated site in Hallomajra. From the past one and a half month the car bazaar was being held at the rear side of Sector 7 parking. The reason for not moving to new site is the unavailability of the required facilities.

What Car Dealers Say

As the car bazaar was not held this Sunday, Gulshan Kumar (president of the car dealers) said “that we promise the judge to not hold the car bazaar at the rear side of the parking but even after that commitment why the civic bodies are inserting the boards here?’

Gulshan Kumar (president of the car dealers) questioned “What is actually MC trying to prove? Adding on to it further, he also quoted that ‘These are not MC’s cars we are selling so how can they directly declare any sale or purchase of goods here as illegal? Only in order to not letting the people of tricity coming to this car bazaar, they have fixed this board.”

However, the MC is not clear on what action the initiation would be taken if the warning goes unheard.

A senior MC official also added that “ the MC can just write to the RLA, saying or quoting that the car has been purchased from the illegal car bazaar. There has been no other option but to make people aware that these car dealers are not holding the car bazaar legally here as they are not allowed,” said the official.

Image – Hindustan times

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