Chandigarh | 5-Star Hotel JW Marriott in Sector 35 Might Soon be Sealed by Chandigarh MC

The Lok Priya Buildwell Private Limited Property on which the JW Marriott Hotel stands is going to be sealed by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. The SDM south is going to seal the famous JW Marriott hotel that is in Sector 35 Chandigarh. Also, according to the media reports the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation will write a letter to the SDM [South] to give the possession of the property to it.

SDM South To Seal JW Marriott, Chandigarh

According to the media reports and some trusted sources, it has come to the light that the SDM south is going to seal the Lok Priya Buildwell property in Sector 35 Chandigarh. This is the property where JW Marriott is standing on. Yesterday Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has passed the order to seize the property where JW Marriott Hotel is operating. The reason behind this order was the due amount of property rent and service tax of Rs. 8 Crores.

According to the records, Lok Priya Buildwell Private Limited has not cleared the service tax and property rent bills for quite some time now. The due amount of the bill has now piled up around 8 Crores. SDM south has now passed the word saying they will seal the property as per the norms. According to the authorities even after multiple reminders, the company has proved its incapability to clear its dues. This incapability of the company to clear the amount has left the authorities with no other option than to cancel the lease on the property.

The final order has been passed regarding the issue of the uncleared amount of 8 Crores of Lok Priya Buildwell Private Limited. This final order was passed after the Chandigarh authorities continuously asked for the JW Marriott to clear its dues. It has been notified that the Municipal corporation will soon send the letter to the SDM asking for the possession of the property.

According to the sources from JW Marriott they are quite alright with the authorities taking action according to the law. They respect their order and have been taking the right steps to handle the situation. Soon JW Marriott in Chandigarh Sector 35 might be sealed by the authorities.

Source – Tribune 


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