After Chandigarh, Mohali is Jumping on Paid Parking | Parking Wars Soon To End in Mohali!

The sources have come up with the news that the Municipal Corporation of Mohali and Chandigarh are thinking of revising the parking system of the city. In a few days, only the residents of Mohali will evidence the Paid Parking System. This was a unanimous decision of the MC and soon in the next morning the proposal will be put forth the Mayor “Kulwant Singh”. After so long of opposition, finally this Sunday the decision was favored unanimously.

With the raising issue of traffic congestion and parking in Mohali, the proposal of starting the Paid Parking system was put forth. Due to the increasing issue of parking in the markets of Mohali, the concern of the business class people have raised. Due to improper parking space in Mohali, customers are frequently skipping to Chandigarh markets where they are able to find proper parking space dropping the business in Mohali.

Paid Parking, Need of the Hour in Mohali

Going with the words of the reliable sources, the Mayor of the city Mohali has said that the Paid Parking is the need of the hour. With parking space becoming unmanageable, the situation needs to be controlled. The increasing loss of customers in Mohali, the proposal of resolving the problem of parking is soon going to be introduced in Mohali similar to Chandigarh.

Recently many reports have come from the markets in Mohali stating the drop in a number of shoppers in the city market. There are many traders who are losing their customers because of no parking available in the market. Also, sources have confirmed that the Mayor has requested the counselors to take in consideration the objections and suggestions of the traders from within the local market on the matter.

Following the proposal the Mayor of Mohali also came up with the suggestion to make the first hour of parking free and the charges will be imposed after every hour after that. This is not the first time that Mohali government is planning to begin the Paid Parking system in the city similar to Chandigarh. In 2014, the same idea was tried and the opposition of the public strangled the proposal. In 2014, the parking charges imposed in the city were Rs. 2 for 2-wheelers and Rs. 5 for four-wheelers. Let’s see whether this year the proposal of Paid parking becomes successful in the city Mohali or not.

Source – TimesOfIndia


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