Chandigarh Must-Tries: Food With a Punch of Flavours (Street Food Edition)

In the very first bite that you take, you will experience rich flavors of Punjab melting in your mouth with every wholesome bite. You get the best Punjabi food in Chandigarh. So let’s jump right into the punch of flavors that will knock your taste buds out! 

From spicy butter chicken, stuffed parathas, tandoori kebabs to creamy chaats, chilled lassi, fluffy bhature, and delectable pao bhaaji, the list goes on and on. On your trip, you will get the best of street food hotspots in Chandigarh. Not just that, there are foods from South Indian, Rajasthani, and Chinese cuisines as well! To help you choose the top ones, we have chosen the most popular street food in Chandigarh, and where to find them. So let’s jump right into the punch of flavors that will knock your taste buds out! 

Let’s Get Into The List of the Awesome Delights and The Best Places to Get Them at –

  • Golgappas / Pani Puri 

Every chaat lover’s most desirable delight, the Golgappa. Did you know that almost 80%* of Indians consume Pani Puri on a regular basis! These are crispy & hollow puris(Fried tiny balls of atta or sooji), filled with sweet and tangy chutneys, Dahi, chaat masalas, potato, or chickpeas, on being served with flavored water brings about a burst of taste in your mouth, filling your mouth with flavorsome water. 

Famous Locations – Garg Chaat, Ram Chat Bhandar, Chilli Chaats, Snacks Corner, Shami Chat & Sweets.

  • Chaat

Topped with Dahi or curds and garnished with herbs, chaats have been the star of the show every time. The ultimate disco of flavors in your mouth, chaats come in all types from Papdi Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Bhalla Papdi, Aloo Tikki, to Ragda Patties, Kachori, and others. All chaats have are filled with sweet and saucy chutneys, mixed with flavored water, and a mixture of potato, onions, corn, sprouts, pulses, and/ or other vegetables.

Famous Locations – Garg Chaat, Krishna Chat Shop, Matru Tikki Vaala, Ram Chaat Bhandar, Krishan Chat Bhandar, Shankar the Chat Shop

  • Dahi Bhalla

Oozing with sweet and tangy flavors yet light on your belly, Dahi Bhalla is a favorite in Chandigarh. The deep-fried, crisp flat puris are mixed with soft and spongy bhallas. Topped with amazingly sweet and tangy tamarind sauce, spicy chutneys, and topped with creamy sweet Dahi, to make them juicy and mouth-watering. 

Famous Locations – Snacks Corner, Garg Chaat

  • Chole Bhature

The richness of gravy-laden chickpeas with fluffy hot bhature melts in your mouth like anything. A must-have when in Chandigarh, Chole Bhature is a combo made in heaven!  When eaten together, they form an essential North Indian dish, which can be had anytime, morning breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bhatures are fried and can be plain, or with a filling of paneer or potato.

Famous Locations – Sodhi’s Ziaka, Sai Sweets, Roadside stall (Khirki/Rehri), Nukar Dhaba

  • Kulfi

Made of condensed milk, and loaded with nuts, raisins, pistachios, saffron, and other dry fruits, Kulfi is a dessert item usually served after dinner. In the searing heat of Chandigarh, there is nothing like having cold sweet milk and biting chunks out of the bar of kulfi on a warm day! 

Famous Locations – Krishna Chat Shop, Sai Sweets

  • Frankie

This favorite street food is a quick bite of Chandigarh that can be had anytime. Rolled up in a Kathi roll, loaded with a bunch of different vegetables and spices. It can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, both of them are equally juicy and delicious.

Famous Locations – Tibbs Frankie, Kathi Junction, Roll Xpress

  • Cheese Chilli

This Chinese dish gives birth to the favored street food of Chandigarh. It contains various exotic vegetables and chunks of Paneer, prepared with spicy sauces, and garnished with herbs and other seasonings.

Famous Locations – Raju Chinese Fast Food, Shirdi Food & Snacks

  • Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is prepared of refined flour, stuffed with a range of stuffing like paneer, cheese, potatoes, and prepared on a clay tandoor, and served with chole, chutneys, pickles, and curries. These are the best street food in Chandigarh. 

Famous Locations – Kulcha Hub, Bansal Amritsar Food Street, Sodhi’s Zaika, Amritsari Kulcha & Channa

  • Spring Rolls

Another Chinese favourite, Spring Rolls are deep-fried hotcakes , rolled and filled with veggies or meats, and served with various sauces and chutneys. It is a street food that is dripping with flavour and aromas.

Famous Locations – Toshib, Roll Xpress, Gopal’s, Khokha, Raju Chinese Fast Food, Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food, Lava Eat n Wrap, Pradhan Dhaba

  • Rajma Chawal

A typical north Indian street delicacy, Rajma – Chawal is red kidney beans prepared in rich gravy and served with rice. It is the most nourishing dish and most popular among the street food fans of Chandigarh.

Where to eat: Sodhi’s Zaika, Khokha, Nukkar Dhaba, Pal Dhaba, Gopal’s, Deluxe Dhaba, Sindhi Sweets, Sai Sweets, Bholey Di Hatti, Talwar Dairy, Treat Point

  • Lassi

Favorite among people of Chandigarh, Lassi is a yogurt-based drink, prepared with fruit and spices, and garnished sometimes with flavors and other toppings. This famous Punjabi lassi is best enjoyed chilled in the hot summer months. 

Famous Locations – Pal Dhaba, Sindhi Sweets, Gopal Sweets, Shiv Sweets and Bhojanalya, Talwar’s, Verka Lassi, Shiv Mistan Bhandar, Baba Dairy, Ram Dairy, Vijaya Dairy

  • Sarso da Saag, Makke di Roti

It is an essential food of Punjab, best eaten in the winter season, as it gives warmth and plenty of nourishment. A dish synonymous with Punjab, it has won the hearts, or stomachs, of millions across India. In Chandigarh, you get these at famous dhabas and various other eateries. Sarso or mustard greens is prepared with various Indian spices and eaten with flat cornbreads or Makki di Roti.

Famous Locations – Pal Dhaba, Amritsari Kulcha & Channa, Katani Dhaba

So what is your next food stop at Chandigarh? Also, if you are planning to fly to this foodie land, book easemytrip flights to get huge discounts. Don’t forget to Comment below what you think is the best place to have these delights! 


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