Chandigarh: Now Book Your Parking Space in Advance Anywhere in the city via App

Chandigarh’s parking lots are going to be smart from October 25, as parking app has been launched by the contractors for the people. Now Chandigarhians can book their parking space in advance before reaching to their destination just with a click. Mumbai based company is all set to launch the parking app for all the 26 parking lots in The city beautiful- Chandigarh on October 25.

And the working of the parking app will begin from 1 November 2017 in all the 26 parking places of Chandigarh that also includes multilevel parking lots. Get ready Chandigarhians to say goodbye to the parking woes in the city with the new app and book your parking place in advance.

How will the Smart Parking App work in Chandigarh?

From now onwards, Chandigarh people can get rid off by the parking problems in any market. As the mobile app has been launched in the city that will update you regarding the parking in space of your destination. Even one can book in the parking space in advance using the mobile app in the city. From the status of the parking availability to online booking, route map of the nearest parking lots to make payment- the new parking app developed by the contractors will help with all these facilities to the residents of Chandigarh.

Although earlier the app was supposed to be launched on 19th July, but due to internal software issues it had been delayed. But now residents of Chandigarh can download the mobile parking app from the Google play once it gets inaugurated on 25 October.

And the price of Parking in Chandigarh also set to increase with the app

After the launch of the parking app and digitization of parking lots in Chandigarh, people will have to pay increased parking rates in the city. Although with the improvement in facilities, the company has also increased the fee in the city parking lots. As per the new rates of parking place in Chandigarh- for cars, one has to pay Rs. 10 valid till 4 hours and extra Rs. 10 every 2 hours thereafter. Whereas for 2-wheelers, a person has to pay Rs. 5 for 4 hours and Rs. 5 every 2 hours thereafter in Chandigarh. As of now, there has been a flat rate of Rs. 5 for both 2 and 4-wheeler.


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