In Chandigarh, Over 1 Crore Liquor Bottles Have Been Sold in Last 11 Months

Chandigarh People and Alcohol – The Famous Love Story!

Everyone knows that Chandigarh is the most peaceful and a well-planned city but not many know the fact that Chandigarh tops the charts when it comes to liquor consumption. We recently published a story that Chandigarh has been ranked in India for liquor consumption. But that’s not enough. Here are some more shocking facts.

  • Chandigarh people drank 1,00,34,666 bottles of liquor in 11 months.
  • These 11 months have been counted as April 2016 to February 2017.
  • This averages to 30,000 bottles per day.
  • Out of all these bottles, only 7,01,33 liquor bottles were country made.
  • 93 lakh bottles were of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign liquor)

Chandigarh Administration’s major source of income is from the IMFL industry. IMFL industry earned Rs. 225 crore to the Administration. The maximum profit was derived from whiskey. There are 99 liquor vends operating in Chandigarh.

Top Brands consumed

  • Mc Dowells, Imperial Blue, Officer’s Choice = 44 Lakh Bottles
  • Royal Stag, Royal Challenge = 28 Lakh Bottles
  • Scotch = 73,000 Bottles

As per one of the liquor contractor and as published in The Indian Express, Chandigarh people love having whiskey the most and wine the least. He said around 70% of his sale was for whiskey and just 2% of his sale was for wine.

The people above the age of 25 years are allowed to have liquor. The enforcement is not at all strong as no shopkeeper and hoteliers care about the age of the person. There is no particular barometer with which the shopkeepers and hoteliers can identify the person’s age who is buying liquor.

Least EDP in Chandigarh

One of the reasons of high liquor consumption in Chandigarh is the less EDP prices. Ex-Distillery Price (EDP) is the least in Chandigarh as compared to the neighbouring states Punjab and Haryana. Price comparison between Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana:

  • Premium Whiskey – Rs. 620 (Haryana), Rs. 800 (Punjab) and Rs. 580 (Chandigarh)
  • Royal Stag (Deluxe Whiskey) – Rs. 400 (Haryana), Rs. 530 (Punjab) and Rs. 360 (Chandigarh)
  • Imperial Blue, McD No 1 and OC Blue (Value Whiskey) – Rs. 350 (Haryana), Rs. 450 (Punjab) and Rs. 300 (Chandigarh)
  • Black Dog Cent (Scotch) – Rs. 1400 (Haryana), Rs. 1500(Punjab) and Rs. 1000(Chandigarh)

Chandigarh Escapes Complete Liquor Ban

Liquor Ban in Chandigarh has been the hot topic of discussion for the people of Chandigarh. Finally, The Chandigarh Administration has changed the state highways to major district roads in order to avoid a complete liquor ban in Chandigarh. Only 22 out of 99 liquor shops will be facing a closure. The 22 liquor shops are located at the Madhya Marg and the National Highway 21.

New Excise Policy for Chandigarh

A new excise policy will be launched by the Chandigarh Administration in order to generate more revenue from the liquor trade. The liquor vends will be allotted through a lottery system.

The Administration is eyeing to demolish the auction system and switch over to the lottery system. In the lottery system, every applicant will have to pay Rs. 75000 which as calculated would earn Rs. 75 crore if 100 applicants apply. These are some of the amendments you should look forward to:

  • MRP would be increased by Rs. 100 per scotch bottle
  • Rs. 50 would be increased for other categories of whiskey and Rs. 10 for beer
  • Shop license fee would be introduced.
  • The vends would also be divided into 3 categories
  • Category A – 8,000 cases per annum and Rs. 1.5cr license fee
  • Category B – 6,000 cases per annum and Rs. 1cr license fee
  • Category C – 4,000 cases per annum and Rs. 75 lakh license fee

It seems like Chandigarh will soon be famous globally for Liquor Consumption and Booze Lovers!

Facts Source: The Indian Express

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