3 Chandigarh Youngsters Caught Printing Fake Currency Notes of Rs. 2000

Three people have been caught by police for possessing fake currency notes in Mohali. Such news stories have come out even before but let us give you the surprise element about this one right in the beginning:

  • Fake currency Notes of the newly launched Rs. 2000 note.
  • They were printing these notes from an office in Mohali.
  • They had 42 Lakh in cash (all fake currency) when they were caught.
  • An illegal red light on top of their car so that police does not stop them.

These guys were caught while crossing the Jagatpura T-point on Airport road. This incident is a learning experience indeed.

Details of Culprits:

One of the culprit is is a 21-year old engineering graduate named Abhinav Verma,

One MBA student named Vishakha Verma aged 23. She is a resident of Kapurthala.

A 54-year old Property Dealer from Ludhiana named Suman Nagpal.

What They Did:

Abhinav Verma is an engineering graduate who is into manufacturing sensors to be installed in visually handicapped devices. They have their office in Chandigarh where they used to print fake currency notes of Rs. 2000 denomination as per the sources. Abhinav during preliminary questioning, also revealed that Vishakha is his cousin who was helping him at his office & also was helping him in printing fake notes. Vishakha’s father is an engineer working with the rail coach factory in Kapurthala. The accussed Suman Nagpal used to identify the customers and direct them to the other two accused.

How Were They Caught:

A car bearing Haryana number was signalled to stop at a police naka  near Jagatpura T-point on Airport Road, SAS Nagar near Chandigarh. During checking, police recovered fake currency of Rs. 42 lakhs from the possession of the accused.

Police authorities have recovered a brand new audi car from the accused. This brand new audi had a red beacon on top to dodge the police nakas. A total fake currency notes of Rs. 42 lakhs were recovered on the spot. Apart from this, the trio was sent to one day police custody by the local court. Police wants to recover the machines used to print fake currency notes and arrest the rest of the two partners in crime. The police has also registered a case at Sohana police station and has also initiated investigations.

How They Circulated Fake Rs. 2000 Note:

According to police, these three are a part of 5 membered gang. This 5-membered gang was deceiving people into exchanging the recently demonetised currency notes of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 with the new currency. They were also deducting a commission of 30% for doing so.

Beware! Take Rs. 2000 notes only from ATM or from Banks and do not believe anyone if he/she offers to exchange your old currency with new notes. To know more about the new Rs. 2000 note and how to know if it is original or not, go here.

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Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Bhasker


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