PGI Chandigarh Becomes 1st Hospital of India to Perform Lung Transplant

A team of tremendously experienced surgeons at Chandigarh’s most reputed Government Hospital PGI have recently created history in the medical field by performing its first ever lung transplant surgery and becoming India’s first government owned medical institute to do so. At present only Mumbai and Hyderabad’s chosen few private medical institutes provide the lung transplant surgery in India at a very high cost of Rs 30 to 35 lac.

But PGI (Chandigarh) has performed the surgery at a cost of Rs 7 to 10 lac successfully and that too without any prior experience in transplanting lungs. The lung transplant surgery has been performed on a 33-year-old woman suffering from a terminal lung disease.

PGI Chandigarh Creates History With First Lung Transplant 

Creating history takes a lot of hard work, patience, and a great team effort and this proves right in the case of doctors who successfully transplanted lungs in a 12-hour long surgery saving the life of a 33-year-old woman at PGI, Chandigarh. The lung transplant surgery was undertaken by a team of 20 highly experienced surgeons and doctors that took almost 12 hours to get completed.

The team of doctors was lead by the Dr. Rana Sandip Singh who has assessed that all the doctors were under pressure and under stress. Director of the PGI, Professor Jagat Ram, who is also a reputed eye surgeon has thanked the whole team of doctors for performing a successful lung transplant surgery for the first time in the history of the PGIMER.

Brain Dead Youth Saves A Woman’s Life

The donor whose lungs have been transplanted into a woman’s body battling with a terminal disease at its last stage, was a 22-year-old youth who died in a motor accident from Moga, Punjab. The youth was declared brain dead after he was brought to the hospital and later his organs were donated to PGI to help others in need by his parents. Out of the many organs that were donated to the youth one of them was his pair of lungs who had four recipients in waiting. But, only one woman from Sangrur, Punjab came out to be lucky enough to get them which saved her life.

PGI’s Chandigarh Team Of Tremendous Doctors 

The team of 20 doctors who performed the intense 12-hour long lung transplant surgery at PGI, Chandigarh were under a lot of pressure as they told the media that this type of surgery takes a lot of patience and is very demanding. The team of doctors was accompanied by a supporting staff of more doctors specialized in anesthetics, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine neurosurgeons, transplant coordinators, resident doctors, and nurses staff.

After successfully completing the 12 hour long carefully carried out surgery the team of doctors did not take a single breath of relief as they were monitoring the condition of the patient post surgery. The patient is doing well right now. So it’s a good news for the doctors, whole PGI and patient as well.

Source: The Tribune 

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