5 Places in Chandigarh Where You Can Get Free AC ki Hawa to Beat The Heat

With the summer onset time period over in Chandigarh, the city is going through the “Summer Season” woes. Chandigarh city residents miss the cool breeze that blew the rest of the year and bear the brunt of “Loo” – the hot air, that blows all the time for these three months starting from mid-March. April is over and as we step our footsteps in the month of May, we already feel hot with sweat trickling down our bodies as the Sun denies mercy on us. Brace yourselves up, as we talk about where you would get some “free AC ki hawa” in the city beautiful Chandigarh. Yeah, you heard that right budd ! We mean “free AC ki hawa” as places to visit to have cool air in Chandigarh without paying a penny out of your pockets.

Want some Free AC ki hawa in Chandigarh?

What one desires for in harsh weather conditions like these, some “Free AC ki hawa” may be? Yeah, we get it we sound absolutely stupid, but ask deep inside your hearts, Would you actually mind some “free ki AC hawa” in this season? I know what your answer is. So here we go, presenting before you the list of places you could visit to have that “free AC ki hawa” this summers in Chandigarh.

1. Shopping Malls

I am sure if you know Chandigarh, then you know Elante, DT, oldest Fun Republic (FR), PVR Centra Mall etc. All the malls in the city have been mentioned for a reason. No, we ain’t advocating you a shopping spree to burn your pockets. But, would you mind “Window Shopping” while you roam around the well-lit areas with couches laid all over the floors for relaxation in centralised AC atmosphere? Nahhh !! We know that. So, visit anY nearest mall after your day’s work and enjoy “free AC ki hawa” at malls in Chandigarh.

2. ATM Booths

Yes, you heard that right. You may not have to withdraw cash and visit ATM’s. But imagine a situation where there are a dozen ATM booths in a commercial space and you are standing outside to enjoy summer sun. We’re sure the enjoyment won’t last long as your sweat would narrate your plight of bearing the brunt of harsh weather. Save yourselves from the temperature rise and wrath of the Sun. Visit your nearest ATM booth in Chandigarh’s sectors which would happily give you “free AC ki hawa.”

3. Office 😉

As funny as it may sound, but isn’t your centrally air conditioned workplace draws your attention every summer ? Pretty sure mine does, get that “free AC ki hawa” session while you work for the top guys who wouldn’t mind a working Sunday taking you to be hardworking chap ! Who knows what your intention in reality is. Well, go forth you dedicated fellow towards your workplace to have “free AC ki hawa” in Chandigarh.

PS : If a non-working fella reads this, join your nearest part-time available job would be my suggestion for you !

4. Banks

Digitisation has taken over and we know you don’t pay a visit to bank often now. But Banks won’t mind your frequent visits if their regular client wants to know about recent rate of interest, schemes launched, offers made or simply goes there thrice a week to get their passbook updated. We just hinted at the reasons mentioned above that you could use as plea to get into Chandigarh banks that offer services and of course “free AC ki hawa” to you.

5. Commercial Business Complexes

So you ain’t business minded. No start-up you own. No office space you got. No worries, go inquire about one. Why one, many we would suggest. Commercial hubs in Chandigarh offering office spaces on Sale, Purchase, rent etc. offer you “free AC ki hawa” too. As they treat you like a King with tea, coffee, juice options as well, once, twice, thrice go as many times as you would wish to because you know right, buying/renting an office space is a big decision ;). You can’t make that decision in just one visit, right? 😀

Chandigarh still doesn’t have a metro project. The list of “free AC ki hawa” would increase manifold if Chandigarh gets one as then incorporation of entire rail, boggie and each metro station would give you multiple options to get “free AC ki hawa” in Chandigarh city without having to undergo any sort of embarrassment.

Well, the list could go on and on. But, we wanted to stick to some decency also while putting forth our “cleverness.” 

Sounds Cool? Cooler I would say !!! 🙂

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