Chandigarh Plans a Makeover For Sector 17 Plaza | Here’s What Will Change

One of the most important and hi profile places of the City Beautiful, Chandigarh the Sector 17 Plaza that stays full of life all year round is going to get a huge makeover soon. The Sector 17 is a shopping as well as a corporate hub of the UT and is one of the most vivacious areas of the city. The Chandigarh Administration is planning to make the Sector 17 Plaza similar to the Connaught Place of Delhi and is going to follow the same pattern on what the most famous heritage structure of Delhi was designed.

Somehow, following the recent changes in the economic system of India the Plaza has lost its charm and glamour in the recent years, thus to make it more attractive and spirited once again than before the UT Administrator V P Singh Badnore is trying to develop a strong plan to initiate some major changes to the Sector 17 of Chandigarh.

The Revamping Of Sector 17 Plaza

According to the sources, Sector 17 is going get some serious changes in the upcoming months once the Chandigarh Administration gets its plans approved by Badnore, who is keen to revive the plaza promptly after visiting it recently. With some additions and upgradations here’s what all will change and come up in the plaza soon…

  • A bunch of interesting as well as convenient facilities would be provided to the visitors like:
    • A food court
    • An amphitheatre
    • A gazebo
    • More fountains
    • Better Transportation facilities
  • Five major projects will be undertaken that include:
    • A convention centre
    • An Urban park
    • A Five Star hotel
    • Restoration of the 11 storey building at the plaza
    • Transferring and re-developing the Govt. offices from the main area
  • The sole residential area of Sector 17 will also be shifted
  • A new office for Deputy Commissioner will also come up
  • The Circus ground would be busied with the convention centre and the 5 star hotel

Increasing the Connectivity 

The administration is also planning ways to make the Sector 17 Plaza easily approachable from all areas of Chandigarh and is coming up with various proposals.

  • Sector 9, 18, 22 and Rose Garden would be given an access road to Sector 17
  • An underpass would be built from Rose garden to Sector 17
  • An urban park would be made in the 8 acres of land between Sector 17, bus terminal and the plaza.

The UT administration wants to make the Sector 17 plaza of Chandigarh not only a local popular destination but also an international sensation this time by giving it a major facelift. The administration wants to incorporate all the latest and advanced features in the landscaping, transportation, architecture, management, the lighting of the 17 sectors and also reawakening the abandoned areas. Recreational activities will also be increased, importances of various structures would also be changed and people would be ensured smooth and clutter free walk.

Source: TheTribune


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