Chandigarh to Have Ring Roads Around the City to De-Congest Traffic

Chandigarh city has undertaken a smart planning route to plan ring roads in the city. In order to achieve traffic decongestion on city roads, Chandigarh Administration has proposed a plan to accommodate the traffic volumes of the city on the ring roads which are still under the planning stage of project management. The designer city master planned by the French-Swiss Architect Le Corbusier is all set to undergo transformation as UT Administration decides to plan ring roads in the city road network.

Why Chandigarh Road Network Needs Upgradation ?

The well planned Chandigarh city boasts of carefully planned and designed grid system of road network with world class road drainage facility available underneath. Proudly bragging about the parallel road system employed in Chandigarh city with manicured round about designed to regulate the traffic movement was initially designed for a population of half a million.

With more and more influx of population mobbing the Chandigarh city for work and settlement here due to its soaring high liveability index, Chandigarh as a city has witnessed suffocation and congestion on roads at K-areas of the city. In an initiative to maintain the legacy left by curator of Chandigarh city, Le-Corbusier along with the undying efforts of Pierre Jeanneret which are visually evident till now, UT Administration has planned ring roads in the city.

Chandigarh Plans To Get Ring Roads

Adopting timely efforts to avoid further chaos and nuisance caused by traffic in terms of long jams, vehicular pollution and congestion on roads in Chandigarh city, ring road planning is being done by the authorities including UT Administration. An official meeting scheduled to be conducted on the initiative of planning ring roads in Chandigarh city, UT Administrator along with representatives from states of Punjab and Haryana shall take the decision on August 25, 2017.

As daily commuters from states of Punjab, Haryana and nearby stations throb the Chandigarh city, the pressure on the well planned road network is soaring high making things unmanageable in nature.

How Ring Roads Benefit Chandigarh City ?

Amounting the number of daily commuters in Chandigarh city available on roads during peak rush hour according to an analysis carried out exhibits more than one and a half lac road users making their way to Chandigarh city on a daily basis. Making this as the most sought after civic issue that has affected the city and its residents, ring roads shall decongest the arterial roads of Madhya Marg and Dakshin Marg. The master plan involves stretches of ring roads incorporating Mullanpur, Banur and GMADA areas along with the areas of Panchkula including Kansal and Zirakpur.

Resorting to the ring road planning and execution in the existing engineered design, Chandigarh city roads are all set for a makeover soon!

Source : HT


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