Here’s How Chandigarh Plans a Smooth Traffic Flow on Sector 17-22 Dividing Road

Chandigarh Administration has once again taken a stand against the traffic chaos taking the entire Chandigarh city in its stride. If you have ever been on the road dividing Sector 17 and Sector 22 in front of the ISBT, you might have noticed the narrow road and the huge flow of traffic. This road often sees a traffic jam and the situation is worse near the Sector 22 bus stop where all CTU buses make a stop. The proposal is to de-congest this road of the huge traffic.

The Proposal

  • Includes shifting the parking lot of Sector 22 to across the road to Sector 17.
  • Alternate route for bus stop in the parking space of Sector 22.
  • Provision of Table-top zebra crossing for pedestrians.
  • Space creation for new parking area in Sector 17 to be allotted.

 Alternate Bus Stop Location

The dividing road of ISBT Sector 17 and Commercial market of Sector 22 Chandigarh has bottlenecks and sharp turns along the entire stretch of the road which causes havoc to the traffic flow when a bus halts at the stop present at the main road itself along with the merging traffic from the insides of the sector.

The entire traffic ceases to move till the time passengers are safely dropped and picked up from the spot. Keeping that in view,the stop is now proposed to be shifted to the space allotted as parking lot for the commercial space of sector 22, Chandigarh whereas the parking lot being shifted across the road in sector 17.

Antagonist Shop Owners

The shop owners strongly oppose the proposal as they claim their entire business would be highly affected if the parking lot is shifted as buyers would have to walk down after parking their vehicles at a distant location.The President of market association of sector 22-B Subhash Narang stated that the decision is imposed after the traders resisted the previous proposal of the department of conversion of the parking lot into a green belt area.

Though discomfort is observed among traders and businessmen of the area, Chandigarh Administration is working towards convincing them about the same. The proposal is made to cater to the needs of wider reach of population for good. So, the next time you go out on a shopping spree to the place, you may end up burning more calories in your body by taking that walk over burning fuel in your vehicle!!!


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