Chandigarh Police now has 25 NSG Commandos to Counter Terrorist Attacks

Chandigarh has finally got 25 NSG (National Security Guard) commandos in its police force. These commandos will be stationed at Chandigarh and will cater to tense situations like that of a terrorist attack or some other serious security threat on the city of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh, being a capital of 2 states and one of the main cities in North India wanted NSG Commandos from a long time as to increase the security cover. With these NSG commandos, Chandigarh can now counter any high level terrorist attacks or other anti-social elements.

NSG Commandos in Chandigarh

No special recruitment has been done by Chandigarh Police for NSG commandos. A team of 25 policemen was selected for the special NSG training. These 25 policemen along with a DSP were sent to National Security Guard (NSG) headquarters in Manesar. Most of the commandos that now constitute the Chandigarh NSG team are in the age group of 20 to 30 years.

This team of 25 policemen have been trained to handle some high level weapons which include AK47, Browning hi-power 9mm pistol, machine gun, 5.56mm M-16 A2, 9mm H and K MP5-A2/A3, 7.62mm SLR, 5.56mm INSAS rifles, etc. The batch of Chandigarh NSG commandos has also been trained for sniper rifles such as the semi-automatic H and K 7.62mm PSG-1 and MSG-90 and the SIG 7.62mm.

There are total 160 commandos in Chandigarh Police but with these 25 NSG commandos, Chandigarh Police has become more strong and is ready to counter any terror strike on Chandigarh.

News Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Wikipedia


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