Chandigarh Police to get 30 new hi-tech PCR Cars

In an attempt to strengthen its PCR vehicle fleet, Chandigarh Police has decided to add 30 new PCR cars on city roads. These new PCR vehicles would be Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga cars as Chandigarh police has already taken a decision to upgrade from old gypsies to these hi-tech vehicles.

Chandigarh Police PCR Vehicles

All PCR cars are fitted with GPS system and are controlled from a single point. Along with GPS, wireless radio communication system is also fitted in each vehicle. These 30 new cars will be customized in the same manner as previous PCR vehicles. Customization includes Chandigarh Police branding, red-blue lights on top, emergency siren hooter, etc.

Earlier, Chandigarh Police had introduced 13 Maruti Suzuki Eariga cars in its PCR fleet during May, 2015. Now, another 30 hi-tech cars would join the PCR fleet of Chandigarh Police. This would not only increase Police visibility in the city of Chandigarh but will also increase patrolling within sectors.

How Chandigarh Police PCR Works

Whenever you call 100 – the emergency number of Police, the call is attended by operators who listen to you patiently. As you tell the address where you need police, the operator quickly locates the nearest PCR vehicle according to your location. The message is conveyed to that PCR through radio communication.

In a matter of few minutes, the PCR vehicle will reach your location in order to help you.

Every PCR is allotted a particular area of Chandigarh. Another responsibility of these cars is to patrol their defined area or be stationed at roundabouts, red lights, market areas or other strategic points.

30 New PCR Cars

With these 30 new PCR cars joining Chandigarh Police fleet, the total strength of PCR’s will become 90. This will be a great thing as Police will be able to help Chandigarh residents in a better and more efficient way. It is expected that all 30 new PCR vehicles will be pressed into service within this year.

Image Credits: The Indian Express

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