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Dial number 100 in Chandigarh and you know you’ll get instantaneous help! Isn’t it? Well, dialing Police Control Room’s number 100 in Chandigarh gives a sense of contentment that you are about to get rescued from whatever trouble you are in! But did you ever wonder how does this Police Control Room number 100 works? Recently, in the Varnika Kundu stalking case too, what helped Varnika Kundu in dodging the chase was the quick reaction she received from the Chandigarh Control Room. It was the confidence that she was put across to her that she will be rescued safely wherever she is!

Where is the Police Control Room?

The Police Control Room, Chandigarh which has been divided into three divisions – East, Central and South, is situated in Sector 9, Chandigarh. Equipped with potent ultra-modern systems, the PCR, Chandigarh is considered as one of the best in the region. On the fifth floor of the Chandigarh Police headquarters’ building the state-of-the-art systems help in keeping a track of all the events in the entire region to keep it safe and secure. Divided into four sections the PCR works round the clock in day and night shifts.

The duty officer in one section oversees the entire operation; telephone operators in the second section receive calls on the five lines for PCR number 100; the third section is the dispatcher ward from where PCR vehicles are sent to attend to the complaints received over the calls; the fourth section comprises the monitoring system from where PCR vehicles are monitored through Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the movements of all the PCRs in the city.

The Chandigarh PCR team 

The PCR team comprises just about 40 police personnel who work closely under the supervision of one duty officer (DO) and additional duty officer (ADO). The PCR team works in two shifts (Day and night) 24×7 to ensure help is available round the clock. The telephone operators’ team situated in the second section of the Police Control Room Chandigarh also includes policewomen who receive calls on the number 100. It was reported that taking swift action in the Varnika Kundu’s distress call, the operator who received Varnika Kundu’s call immediately forwarded it to the East Division through the dispatcher wing of PCR and both the accused in white SUV were nabbed red-handed. Besides the workforce that makes the PCR tough, the Chandigarh Police’s fleet of about 132 vehicles that includes 90 PCR cars and 42 motorcycles helps it in reaching the spot well in time to bring the situation under control. These 90 PCR cars are divided in equal number into all the three divisions – East, Central and South.

Maximum calls on PCR 100 number in Chandigarh

It was reported that on an average, more than 300 calls are received by the Police Control Room every night, most of them being distress calls. These calls that are made to the Chandigarh PCR’s 100 number include road accident calls, calls related to ruckus and quarrelling, and some are related to thefts also. The response time to every call is three to five minutes that further helps the police to get maximum details from the caller. To make it convenient for the teams to reach the spot in minimum time the patrolling vehicles, especially the cars, have been given a defined area. Furthermore, for the accessibility of the Chandigarh citizens, these cars are also stationed at red lights, roundabouts, market areas or some of the strategic points in the city.

How does the PCR 100 number works?

Whenever a call is made to the emergency number of police number 100, the call is attended to by the operators. These operators take down the complaint with the location and promptly locate the nearest Police Control Room vehicle to the spot. The operator takes down as much information as possible over the call though all the complaint calls made to number 100 are recorded. Each Chandigarh PCR is allotted a specific area of Chandigarh and immediately after the call, the message is transmitted to that PCRs around the location through radio communication.

Source : The Indian Express


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