Chandigarh Police Gets New Officers Who Fly in the Air & Capture Videos

Diwali is almost here in Chandigarh and the markets of our city Beautiful are all decked up with colourful items and lights. People love to shop during these days and almost every market in Chandigarh sees a huge rush. This increases the pressure on Chandigarh Police to keep a vigil on anti-social elements and manage traffic on roads at the same time.

But this time, there’s someone who’ll come to the aid of Chandigarh Police and this something is an amazing piece of technology named Drones. Yes, you read that right! Drones will now help Chandigarh Police to keep an eye on city markets and help in security.

Drones, Police & Diwali in Chandigarh

Chandigarh authorities will be extensively using drones for safety and surveillance this festive season. The UT police already used 3 drones on a trial basis in the packed up markets of Sector-22, Sector-15 and Sector-17 to ensure things go well this festive season. And these tiny tots will be used very often for the cause. Additionally, 300 policemen and special team from various police stations will be on duty to check it manually. Drones will be an additional help and a great one too. These policemen on duty will be fully armed with metal detectors and other tools necessary to ensure safety in Chandigarh.

We also need to tell you that Chandigarh Traffic Police cops will also be on duty to check wrong parking and other traffic violations in various sectors of Chandigarh during these festive days.

How Drones Are Helping Chandigarh Police

The first drone was used on 22 October in Sector-15 market followed by a parallel use in Sector-22 market. Simultaneously, the same kind of setup was arranged in Sector-17 too. It was just a trial on October 22, their proper and intensive use awaits shortly this festive season according to officials.

Officials have been trained to fly drones and the technical team will be there to help at all times. Apart from this, live display will be monitored on different screens on the ground.

Chandigarh is all set to be ethnic yet trendy this season but with an extra touch of security which feels great.

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