Chandigarh Police Suspends a Sub Inspector & SHO for Not Filing an FIR

A Chandigarh Polce officer on the rank of SHO and a sub-inspector were suspended from their duty after they were found guilty of not filing an FIR upon a complaint at Sector 26 police station.

The  usual process of investigation involves filing an FIR so that the police gets legally bound to investigate the case. After filing an FIR, the investigation process starts, which involves collecting evidence, questioning witnesses, recording statements, inspecting crime scenes and so on. If the criminals are found guilty, police make arrests and furthermore the case moves to the respective courts.

This is the standard process that is followed by the police authorities. But not all cases have such fate. Many cases go unsolved over the years and in most of the cases even an FIR is not filed. No matter the extent and complexity of the case, it is the responsibility of the Police officials to file a case and conduct necessary investigation to put the culprits behind the bars. 

The Case:

But if we talk about Chandigarh, the scenario is different. Recently, a case has come to forefront in Chandigarh, where Sub Inspector and SHO got suspended for not filing a FIR. The incident took place in Sector 26 where a minor girl of 12 years who worked as a domestic help at a house in Sector 27 was recovered by The Woman and Child Welfare Department of Chandigarh Administration. The matter was brought to the nearest police station i.e. Sector 26. The concerned officials who were on duty at that time registered a daily diary report (DDR), and did not file an FIR.

The higher authorities of Chandigarh took an action for not filing an FIR and suspended the Sub Inspector and SHO of the station. Following the incident, the DDR has been converted into FIR and investigation process has been started to punish the culprits.

We can say that Chandigarh is a good city to live in where residents can feel safe and have trust in the police as well as the law. 

Source: Indian Express

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