3 Drug Peddlers Held in Chandigarh | 82 Injections Seized

As many as 82 injections were seized from the possession of three drug peddlers and addicts who were arrested by the Chandigarh Police in Chandigarh on Saturday.  The Police declared that it had nabbed 3 persons connected with drug peddling and has also seized 82 injections from their possession in Chandigarh.

According to the Police the drug peddlers and addicts have been bringing these injections for personal consumption. It also said that the accused were also involved in selling these injections to other addicts in the vicinity.

Drug Peddlers arrested in Chandigarh

The Police recovered 82 buprenorphine injections from the possession of these addicts and drug peddlers. The buprenorphine injections were recovered on Saturday night. It is believed that these drug peddlers have strong network with drug distributors because the Police said that the recovered injections with buprenorphine could not be purchased or sold without a valid physicians’ prescription.

What exactly is the drug

The generic Buprenorphine is manufactured by different companies for medicinal use and is majorly available in tablet, capsule and injection form. Buprenorphine is used to treat pain, and it is also used to treat nausea in antiemetic intolerant individuals. According to some reports Buprenorphine is used for the treatment of those addicted to opioids. The drug has veterinary medical use as well and is used for treating pains in cats and dogs.

Who are the accused

The accused have been identified as Baghiya Singh, Johny and Kapil. While Baghiya Singh is a resident of Jeera town in Firozepur, Johny and Kapil are Chandigarh residents who reside in Sector 49 and Sector 45 respectively. It is noteworthy that Baghiya was residing in Chandigarh for last 6 months. All the three accused were arrested from three different locations in Chandigarh.

The Crime Branch, Chandigarh arrested Baghiya near Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh and recovered 30 injections from his possession. Police recovered 24 injections from Johny who was arrested from near the cremation ground in Sector 25, Chandigarh. The third accused Kapil was caught by the Chandigarh Police near a secluded area in Dhanas and recovered 28 injections from his possession. The Police may try to build a connection between the three as the locations from where they were arrested are within a periphery of 1-2 kms.

Source: The Indian Express


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