Chandigarh Police launch a mobile app for women safety

Taking the safety of women in Chandigarh to a more secure level, Chandigarh Police has now launched a mobile app for women. This application which can be installed on a mobile phone will help a woman send panic signal to Chandigarh Police as well as 3 of her contacts whenever she needs help. These signals can be sent just with the click of a button or by shaking the phone in a specific manner. Chandigarh Police has named this app “Raksha”. Kirron Kher, the member of Parliament from Chandigarh launched this app at the Traffic Police Lines yesterday.

How to install the app?

This women safety app known as ‘Raksha’ is available on Google Play Store and can be easily installed on any Android device. Go through the below steps to know how to install the app:

1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android Device.

2. Type “Smart 24×7” in the search bar to search the app.

smart-27x7-women -safety-app
Smart 24×7 women safety app

3. Click on the above icon in the search results.

4. This will take you to the app page. Here is a screenshot of the official app for your reference.

Screenshot of women safety police app

5. Click on the “Install” button to install the app on your phone and then go through the instructions to register.

How the woman safety app works?

A woman who needs help at any location in Chandigarh can do so by pressing the Panic button in the app. This will send an alert to the nearest police control room as well as 3 other numbers saved by the woman in the app. PCR gypsies in Chandigarh will be equipped with tablets to receive the alert. The location of the woman will be automatically sent along with the alert message.

If a woman is not able to open the app and press the Panic button, then there are other options as well. Alert can be sent by shaking the phone 5 times or by pressing the power button 5 times. Misuse of the app accounts for Police Action.

Sharing is Caring. Please share this article as your step to make Chandigarh a Safe City for women.


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