Chandigarh Admn to Implement a New Policy for Uber & Ola & Here’s All You Need to Know

To make it safer for Chandigarh people to travel in Ola or Uber, UT Administration has approved a new policy for the web-based taxis operating in Chandigarh. The administration has made it mandatory for all the web-based taxis to incorporate a panic button in all cabs running in the city. Taking it into consideration the increasing rate of misbehaving by the web-based taxi drivers, UT has decided to stop these crimes in the city with the new policy. Along with the panic button, UT has also mentioned a provision of cashless treatment to the passenger in case of any injury by the taxi aggregator.

Panic button in Ola and Uber

A total of 6000 Web-based taxis are attached with Ola and Uber in Chandigarh and all these cars have to integrate a panic button to ensure the safety of the passenger. From few months there have been many cases registered against the Ola and Uber drivers in various cities in India. UT Administration is pretty confident that panic button will be a great help for the passengers in trouble.

The panic button that will be placed in the taxi will directly be linked to the Police Control Room (PCR). If in case a passenger doesn’t feel safe in the taxi and can sense something wrong, then he/she can press the panic button that will automatically alarm the PCR for your help in Chandigarh.

Features of the new policy

Along with Panic button, UT administration has also mentioned few more points in the new policy like taxi aggregators have to ensure that all the cars have to be registered in commercial vehicle insurance that covers passengers.

  • Taxis should have mobile charging points and GPS for passengers.
  • Cabs more than 5 years old will not be allowed.
  • UT Administration has fixed Rs. 1000 quarterly fee for Cabs entering Chandigarh from Punjab & Haryana.
  • All cars should display the word ‘taxi’ in yellow colour.
  • For changing the fare, taxi aggregators have to give a notice before 30 days to State Transport Authority (STA).

So from now onwards if you travel with Ola and Uber in Chandigarh, don’t fear about your safety because with panic button you are all secure in each and every corner of the city.

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