Chandigarh Power Department to Set Up A Centralized Call Centre

After making into the list of India’s smart cities, the city beautiful Chandigarh is experiencing new change everyday. Adding to the list of changes, the electricity department of Chandigarh is coming up with a centralised call centre. The power department of Chandigarh is all set to build a call centre for the quick response to the power related complaints of the residents. Smart city will have a smart and quick solution on power problem.

If we talk about northern sectors of Chandigarh, it seldom happens that there is an electricity cut, but still this call center would be of much help. Apart from residents, business owners are the ones who need to know about electricity cuts and forward their complaints.

About the call centre

The upcoming call centre is a part of the ambitious Smart Grid Project under the National Smart Grid Mission. Presently the department receives around 300 complaints in daily routine, the call centre will be a relief for the citizens of Chandigarh as well as the employee of the electricity department. In present days, consumer face inconvenience in case of breakdown, because it takes time to restore or sometimes the lines are busy or not answered.

The upcoming call centre will have:

  • Trained staff to attend the consumer complaints.
  • The complaints will be lodged in the database and forward to the field staff of the sub-division.
  • The call will also have the facility to record both incoming as well as outgoing calls.
  • Even the consumer will get alert about the nature of fault and duration of outrage through SMS.
  • The operation of the call centre will be outsourced.

So this is how the call centre will work for the betterment of the residents.

Benefits to Chandigarhians

Day by Day with the increasing population in Chandigarh, each and every department of the city is trying to get down the crowd in their offices.

  • The problem will be solved in less time
  • Don’t have to wait for the person to attend the call
  • Every information will be sent to you by SMS
  • Registration and solution will be fast in compare to today.

With this initiative, we can expect an effective solution to complaints and information about power cuts in the city.

Source: Indian Express


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