Chandigarh Press Workers Protest As Central Government Plans To Shut The Press

The Central Government’s decision to shut down the Government of India Text Books Press in Chandigarh was met with great protests from the workers. The workers of the Chandigarh press had to retort to protests when the Government gave them no chance of negotiation.  The decisions to shut down the Government Presses have been reportedly coming from a variety of different towns. The total number of presses to be shut down is 12 and the one in Chandigarh city is a part of the process. The Government has maintained that the process to shut down these presses including Chandigarh is being done as a part of a modernisation drive.

What The Press Workers of Chandigarh have to say?

The widespread criticism of the move by the Chandigarh press workers explains that the decision is not done on the basis of merit and efficiency. The workers are worried and in constant fear of losing their jobs. Most of the workers in the Chandigarh Press are in the middle of their employment years and the risk of becoming unemployed at this stage haunts them. Most of the Chandigarh Press workers are also risking homelessness as they live in Government quarters that the Press job offered them. Bhupinder Singh, the general secretary of the workers association sounded alarmed when talking to the media.

Bhupinder Singh said that if the merits and efficiency were taken into consideration, the government wouldn’t have chosen to shut down the Chandigarh press. The Chandigarh press has an excellent track record for its work and is apparently working with other government organisations in the Chandigarh city. As of now the Chandigarh press is working on the orders of confidential printing orders for the paramilitary forces.

Bhupinder Singh along with his workers also mentioned that the Worker’s association has written to the secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs to reconsider their decision and discuss the matter.

Protests like Chandigarh in other parts of the country:

Protests by the Press workers are also on in other parts of the country where a total of 12 presses have been ordered to shutdown. The workers association of Coimbatore press also seek the revoking of the decision like the Chandigarh press workers. The opposition parties have also targeted the Central Government on risking the jobs of hundreds of men and women working in these presses.

Source: IndianExpress


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