Chandigarh PU Fee Hike Protest | Clothes of Protesting Girls Torn, Male Students Detained

Girls protesting against PU fee hike claim that Chandigarh Police officials ill-handled and maltreated them here on Wednesday. Panjab University, Chandigarh recently hiked its fee for various courses by around five to ten times inviting wrath of parents and students seeking admission in various courses for the academic session of 2017-2018.

Why the Protest?

The protest was carried out to oppose the Fee hike decision imposed by the Panjab University, Chandigarh for the academic session of 2017-2018. Various students seeking admission for various courses into the University are distressed as the hike has hit them so hard that their future seems uncertain. In current scenario in the Education sector, minimal hike is still tolerable but the University has taken a step further and hiked the fee by multiple times. The law fee observed a hike in tuition fee from INR 4000 to INR 9000 whereas MBA course fee got revised from INR 9500 to INR 1 whopping

The law fee observed a hike in tuition fee from INR 4000 to INR 9000 whereas MBA course fee got revised from INR 9500 to INR 1 whopping lac which is definitely a cause of concern.

About the Demonstration 

The demonstration started at around 7:00 am by a group of girl students at Government College for Girls campus in Sector 11, Chandigarh. Girls holding placards and banners against the decision raised their voices and started the protest. Marching forth soon these group of girls were joined by hundreds of other students from various colleges like DAV-10 and PGC on the way by both male and female students. The protest went on till 10:00 am when the mob reached the PU campus right in front of the V.C. office.

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Scuffle with the Police officials turn ugly

Right at the GCG campus, girls had closed the main entry gate of the college to ban entry into the campus. According to a story published in The Tribune, Police officials thrashed them and even tore clothes of many which furthmore invited their wrath. Antagonist protesters could not digest the scenario and an ugly scene was observed during the demonstration.

A girl even said that police officials molested her and tore her clothes following which other girls grew rebellious. Not satisfied by this, Police officials even went on to arrest 5 male students on the spot. Post these arrests, enraged students went on to stage a “Gherao” of the Chancellor’s office at PU where police had already installed barricades to avoid the entry of students.

Student Unions joined the Protest

Various student unions like PUSU, NSUI, SOI and SFS joined the protestants to support the cause. This surely strengthened their spirits and demanded police officials to release the detained students or lest they would tear the barricades apart. Overwhelming mob won against the officials and they had to cater to their demands to avoid further scuffle.

In a fit of rage angry students want justice and authorities to hold back the decision of fee hike. Though unavailability of VC added fuel to the fire, but the students are pretty sure of the fact that this one protest was just a trailer as to what they could do. When it comes to justice, they are certain that a number of protesters would definitely swell up with parents joining them too to strengthen their support for the cause.

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