Chandigarh Pubs & Bars May Soon Start Liquor Sale Again | Here’s Supreme Court Latest Decision

Seems good old booze days will be back again in Chandigarh after Supreme Court’s latest decision in the liquor sale ban judgement. The decision has brought the much required respite to the hospitality industry across the country. As per the Supreme Court’s earlier orders, all liquor vendors, pubs & bars located 500 metres from the highways had to shut to bring down the drink and drive cases on highways.

This decision was a major setback for the hospitality industry in Chandigarh as thousands of employees lost their jobs and revenues of the hospitality industry were badly hit. The Supreme Court has now okayed the decision by the state government to denotify highways passing through cities. After the earlier 500-metres liquor sale ban decision numerous pubs, bars and liquor vends were shut across different cities in India including Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Pubs and Bars may open soon

The latest decision has given a new lease of life to the tipplers across the city. This is definitely a new reason for the boozers to rejoice. As per the latest decision the executive will be allowed to decide if it should denotify a highway or not? Furthermore, it will also be allowed to decide if it should permit liquor joints to continue the sale within 500 metres on either of the side of the road or not? Though by taking this decision it will lose central assistance needed for its upkeep. It should be noted that the Chandigarh administration had lately denotified certain highways so that the liquor joints can continue within 500 meters of the highways. The latest order has come on an appeal filed against this decision of the Chandigarh administration.

Relief in liquor sale ban

Hotels and restaurants received a major concession in The Supreme Court’s liquor sale ban decision. The court said it would not interfere with the state government’s decision to denotify the highways. As per the latest decision there are chances that the majorly hit sector would be able to flourish again. By denotifying the highways the pubs, bars and restaurants that were closed after the notification will be able to reopen and start operations once again.

Supreme Court’s Decision

The three-judge bench presided over by Chief Justice of India declared that as long as a road remains a national highway, it will be covered by the judgement but in case it ceases to be a highway, it won’t be covered by the judgement. This decision was against a plea in the Supreme Court that was filed to challenge several state government’s decision to denotify the highways passing through cities. It was declared by The Supreme Court that it would not interfere with the order of the state government and rejected the appeal. The court also observed that its liquor sale ban decision is applicable only as long as highways remain highways.

Source: OneIndia

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